Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Revisting DCUO (Gallery)

My DC Universe Online review article has gotten over 1000 hits and now 2000, (my first article to do so). To show my appreciation for the success of the article and celebrate, I've gathered and put together some screenshots as a follow up article. I've posted up the screen captures as a few different articles (pages) to shorten the length a little. The photo's in this article are just a few of the shots. The Actual Gallery will contain much larger files.
Gallery Page 1
Gallery Page 2
Gallery Page 3

Create evil heros in DC Universe
Black dark evil Spider-man, Symbiote Spider-man,
Create your own DC superhero
Using Powers in DCUO
Largest character possible in DC Universe?
How big your creation can be in  DCUO

War Machine
What is it possible to create in DC Universe
Endlesss customisation in DC Universe


Now that's some real DC Universe customization. We've heard of custom and create your own characters before. This is one of the few times where that is actually true that we are empowered to do so.

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