Friday 24 August 2012

F18 Carrier Landing Lite

I've been looking for a Jet plane flight simulation 3D app for a while and have ended up with nothing. I didn't know this F18 Carrier Landing had a lite version(FREE) developed by SoftCOM. In one mode you can Control and land on an airstrip or carrier ship. I've landed 1-2 times on a carrier and airstrip. Took me quite a while. Controlling an airplane is a lot harder than turning a car in video games. Adjust engine output, air brakes, angle, and toggle landing gear. Both tilt and touch controls are options. Being able to change Sensitivity is a good thing to have. The water looks kinda cool too if you get close enough. At high speeds the Danger warning comes one right before you crash so the warning may not be helpful in those situations.  The sky is beautiful and not pixelated, which is surprising since the plane already looks so detailed and smooth.

 In another mode you try to fly through as many rectangular windows in skies as you can before you run out of time. The rectangles are green and gives your timer increased time to make it to the next one. Once time runs out, it's game over and your score is recorded.

It's hard to see how much the airbrakes help with turning, probably because the game is too good at being realistic. I'm also not sure how the landing gear affects flying. There is a 20second replay available. There isn't a fighting more where go against another plane and try to blow em up to pieces with bullets or missiles. an Online Vs Mode could be cool to have too.

Xperia Play Optimized. For a similar app try Air Wing. That app is more difficult, but it also offers more types of planes like a helicopter, and more modes. I can't even get the landing right on this one. Both apps are Free on Google Play.

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  1. The air brake helps you slow down and lose altitude. The landing gear increases drag so you slow down faster. You can descend at a 45 degree angle with the landing gear down and air brake deployed without speeding up, making for a very dramatic landing.


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