Thursday, 23 August 2012

Triple Town: Facebook and Smartphone Puzzle Legend

Triple Town for smartphones and Facebook

Triple Town is a free puzzle game available on Facebook, Google+, Android, and iOS. The browser and mobile version are the same regarding the gameplay : group 3 items (or more) of a kind and they are upgraded into one item on the superior kind. For example, if you group 3 bunches of grass, you'll get a bush to appear where you put the 3rd bunch. As you combine more items you'll get better features for your town, but will also run out of place; when that happens, you collect a reward in coins and can either rebuild that city or try another map.

To complete the game mechanics, you have a "storehouse" to keep one item at a time aside for later use and crystals that serve as wild cards. 

You also sometimes get bears. They will take up place, but if you can trap them, i.e., they can't move anymore, they'll change into a tombstone. Group 3 tombstones to get a church, 3 church for a cathedral, and 3 cathedrals for a treasure chest. Ninja bears can't be trapped as they teleport and must be killed with an imperial bot.

Treasure chests can also be grouped to get better chests, and be obtained from busting with an imperial bot some combined stones, often obtain from using a crystal on the board without combining items. You'll get random items, score boost or coins from the chest.

The coins can be used to get more turns, additional storage, as well items of different kinds, « undo » icons, and fortune cookie to predict your few next moves. You can also buy, with real-life money either gems (for upper-tier items on Facebook & Google+) or directly coins. 

One of the major differences between smart phones and browser is the possibility to make an in-app purchase of 3,99$ to have infinite turns. Otherwise, in standard fare for Facebook-like games, you have the equivalent of an energy bar and that bar replenished itself over time. Plus, that in-app purchase opens additional maps.

The other major difference between browser and mobile versions is the “Capital City” on the web: still using the “Combine 3” system, you build up your city with buildings giving you additional items every few hours. This also where you choose you map for standard play. You also note that the mobile version's graphics (pictured left) differe slightly.

All in all, Triple Town is a free app that is terribly addicting, with a simple premise that still opens up loads of complex strategies. If you like puzzles, match-three mechanics, and city building, don't hesitate to try out this highly-rated game.

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