Sunday 12 August 2012

Finding the best weapons for Monks in Order and Chaos Online

Best PvP weapons for Monk
Find the best Weapons for the Monk in Order and Chaos Online
Due to recent updates (PvP Arenas in Greenmont and Mounts) Order and Chaos Online is flourishing just after it's first birthday and also currently reaping the benefits of Gameloft's infamous sales. If you're a Monk in Order and Chaos this article will give you some helping hands in finding the best weapons for your Order and Chaos class.

Noobs to the MMORPG genre will be clueless and won't know their 2 handed fire staves of damage from a braided stainless steel hose , so a little about the Monk class first. If you've played similar games then you'll be most likely to compare Gameloft's Monk to the familiar Paladin Class. He specialises in melee damage and support through buffs. Wisdom is the best stat for a monk in this game and generally the types of weapons you can expect to use are staves,fist type weapons and one handed maces. If you want to concentrate your holy skills on destruction than follow the Military Monk Damage per Second tree.

Should the Monk Use Dual Weapon Wielding?
The only problem with dual wielding for an Order and Chaos Monk is the lack of good fist or mace weapons. Some argue that even though this combination doesn't have as great Hit/Critical hit points the DPS and overall damage might compensate for the less powerful weapons. 
Finally the Best Weapon for Monks....(?)
Camp of Hemir in Whispering Woods
is where you find Collapser's Knuckle
For lower level Monks all our research indicates that Collapser's Knuckle is a good weapon to acquire early and reap the benefits when you've substantially levelled up. Get Collapser's Knuckle from a quest around level 40ish ( Camp of Hemir in the Whispering Islands?). A 3.1 speed polearm can be acquired after Level 45+ which also performs more than adequately. Level 58 Blue fists seem to be a standard choice though.
What weapons work best with PvP Play?
Lava King's trident has a brilliant area stun when used in conjunction with the Mantis Daze. Generally 2 handed weapons are sluggish when it comes to PvE but better with PvP.


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