Monday 13 August 2012

What Are the New Mythic Saga Updates?

We've released a few teaser items for CooltoPlay's Mythic Saga Updates but finally we've got hands on with the nitty gritty of just what to expect from the Free to Play Facebook MMO. 
These are the newest updates that players of Mythic Saga can enjoy:
On August 9th they launched a host of new features including Inscription, Disenchant, Consecration, and many others. These items are sure to add a new level of gameplay into a game that is already full of great game features.  This is also the second installment of updates which are due to occur weekly.

We're emailing CooltoPlay shortly to find out more about when to expect the next Facebook event for Mythic Saga as the interfactional events are proving to be irresistible to Facebook players looking for a meaty MMO.

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