Tuesday 7 August 2012

Hints ,Tips and list of Referral Codes for Rage of Bahamut

List of Rage of Bahamut Referral Codes
Dominating the Android and iOS card based battling game type at the moment is Rage of Bahamut. We've searched the web to find real referral codes for Rage of Bahamut and thought we'd throw in a few hints and tips for the Android card based battler while we're at it.

Hints; Tips and Referral Codes for Rage of Bahamut
Referral codes are very useful and can give you that extra boost at the beginning of the game to set you out on your multiplayer card battling career.
Tips for Rage of B(read on for referral codes)
1) Keep ALL of your Holy Powders you earn they are best used for trading later on in the game for more valuable relics. They are also indispensable for Holy Wars.

2) However if you insist on trading  2 Holy Powders should are equal to 1 RARE card. Double check the Rare card you are receiving in the trade is not a fully evolved form of a High Normal card (which you can pull from Friendship packs and throughout the Quest).

How to tell if a Rage of Bahamut card is fully evolved: You can tell if a card is fully evolved by looking in the lower right corner of the card. If the four dots are filled in, the card is fully evolved.

3) Crystal Water is great to have in later levels, try save as much of it for later use as possible.

4) Use your initial attribute points for majority of the  building up your Stamina through the first 15 to 20 levels. After this aim for a good balance of attack and defense. In Battle Mode, opponents can see what your defense level is at, but not your defensive cards you have in your deck, and if you have a low defense level, expect the gathering of treasures to be a long process because people will take your treasures if the defense level is low.

5) Get FIVE additional attribute points by adding FELLOWS as you progress. 

6) The best ways to get the top end items are to join an order and fight in a holy war. Fight in Holy Wars to get Rare, High Rare, S Rare, and SS Rare cards! 

List of Referral Codes:
maz92029 to get 100000 rupies (gold) and a rare Angelic Knight card
REFERRAL CODE: vyi24641 for 150,000 rupies AND RARE cards
egj14645 You get: 
1 Rare card 
100,000 rupies 
code bou31852 after the tutorial for 100,000 rupies AND a free RARE card

If you use any of these codes please inform the provider that Gametrender supplied the list from whence they came. Enjoy your gaming.

Where to find your own referral code:
  1. Go to My Page
  2. Scroll down to image Invite a friend - Get Dark Knight
  3. Then choose Get Referral Code


  1. very addictive! after the tutorial please enter my referral code: ZLU35728 for 50k free rupies (mobage lowered it from 100k) and a rare angelic knight card! also, add and message me (kkoneko) to let me know you used my code and I'll give you another 100k rupies! thank you! ZLU35728

  2. Hi kknoneko thanks for the code, next time our writers are online we'll be sure to send you some free rupies


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