Friday, 31 August 2012

Horn now available on Android

Best Android Graphics (but only for Tegra 3 Phones)
The graphically immense iPad hit Horn is now available on Google Play. Android users can now download the console graphic equalling game with one catch, at the moment Horn is only available for Tegra powered Android phones.
So if your Android has an Nvidia powered Tegra chip beneath the bonnet we seriously recommend getting Horn. And in another side note for Android fanboys wanting to prove Tegra's superiority over Apple products, including the IPad HD , the Android version has the best graphics out of all the platforms! We will update this post soon with pictures showing just how good Horn's Tegra graphics are in comparison to the iPads.
We've been doing some research into Horn again today (3/09) and are quite ashamed to see that Google Play only lists the game as having 50-100 downloads! As Horn is probably the closest Android users, or indeed any Smartphone users or Mobile gamers have to a near perfect console experience this is an absolute shame.
It's critically lauded by all the gaming press, has a full orchestral score, has next generation mobile graphics and bags of playability.
So Android Tegra 3 Phone owners get your act together-if you're a gamer you need to download Horn now!

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