Sunday 2 September 2012

Math for the Brain: Initial App Testing

Math for the brain. Refresh those memories and arithmetic skills with this brain teaser of an app. It starts off with elementary level math but soon gets more challenging. Finish off minute runs to accumulate points. The points from minute runs get added to a total count that will determines your maximum lebel of challenges that you do. So far it's looking a lot of fun ,but also an app to improve your SAT scores. I will further test this app and update this article. Math, division, addition, subtraction, and exponents are fair game so far.
After further testing here's some more conclusive ideas about Math for the Brain: 
I like how the apps brings back a certain nostalgic feeling of the young schooling days. The only problem so far is that after a minutes play;it doesnt have a button to return to the menu to make your choices. I returned to the main menu by pressing the default return button on my phone. The user interface is smooth and has good sound effects and background music. Beeing able to see the time run down keeps your adrenalin pumping to the finish .The minute runs and challenges give the app variety to avoid repetitiveness and boredom(slick).
Also, having short matches doesnt require a long attention span like a lecture does in a classroom. The short bursts of fun and test of intelligence may help get those neurones firing again while helping you achieve a sense of accomplishment.

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