Saturday 4 August 2012

How to score more goals in NEW STAR SOCCER

New Star Soccer Guide on Android (and iOS)
New Star Soccer is the current darling of the mobile sporting world. Some say that this Android (iOS) football game has more depth than Football Manager! If you're wanting to find out how important energy drinks are in New Star Soccer or how to score goals more often (or even how to stop missing penalties), then you're in the right place. Enjoy our New Star Soccer hints , tips and guide.

Score more goals in New Star Soccer
Improve relationships in
New Star Soccer
A full on football simulation that will take up months of your life with you trying become a succesful footballer with fans, team-mates, sponsors, your boss, and your girlfriend to juggle.

Starting a career in New Star Soccer

If you start in a new team then prepare for an uphill battle as the guvnor fancy your chances,but your team and your fans will only be won over when you produce the goals.

Many fans say that the first match is the most important, don't be afraid to go all out and invest everything you have in your first game- buy an energy drink so you can go flat out for the whole match, and make sure every pass goes off without a hitch.

Once you've started to make a name for yourself you can slowly start to gather  team and fan support . The best and easiest way to gain team and fan support in New Star Soccer is  via the matching game - play the game for both the team and the fans once each in-between matches, and you should see each bar fill up in no time.

What happens if   your team and fans don't like you?This will get you  less opportunities in the match and make it even harder for them to like you!

How and why to use Energy drinks in New Star Soccer

Energy drinks are crucial, especially when it comes to the big knock-out matches.(and don't forget our opening match advice too!)

Keep one energy drink  ready for half time, just like a real pro footballer might do. The best idea is to play the first half of the match, then assess whether you're going to need to play a three-heart game.

If a three heart game is what you're going to need then down that new star energy drink at half time.

Remember crucial matches like Cup Matches might need total performance, but only ever keep one energy drink stored, you won't need more than that.

Improve your football Passing Skills
So you want your virtual passing skills to be as good as Beckham's then do you?Well in this mobile football game there are different levels of skill to passing, and depending on how long the pass is, you'll get more match points.

Hit a pass under 15 metres, or pass back up the pitch towards your half, and you'll earn a "simple pass", this won't make the boss very happy though.

However, hit it more than 15 metres, and it'll be a "good" pass. Over 20 metres is a "great" pass, and over 30 metres will be recognised with "a stunning 33m pass" or another phrase along those lines.

This is perhaps one of the quickest ways to add up "points" to get your man of the match award, remember the longer the pass the better. So always go for the longest pass you can, unless a team-mate closer by is in a good shooting position.

What Skills and boots are in New Star Soccer

The skills system in this soccer game is quite complicated and more what you'd expect from an Android RPG. It's fairly easy to get each of your skills up to around halfway full, but after that, the minigames just become much too difficult to pull off.

Fortunately, there's a way around this - purchasing boots. Boots boost your skill stats up in such a way that you don't even need to train your skills up too high.

However, note that boots don't last forever and eventually wear out. Our advice is to save up for the more expensive boots that last longer and grab those.

Avoid getting the free kicks skill stat up. The game is slightly unbalanced making free kicks very difficult, if your free kicks stat is high, you'll be asked to take them all. If you don't take the free kicks you won't miss them!

Other tips and tricks

When it comes to interceptions on the pitch, look at the three players at the bottom of the phone's (tablet's) screen and watch out for the one who has a speech bubble coming out of his mouth - he's the guy who will receive the pass.

Your girlfriend and your sponsors need some love and attention every now and again. Unlike reallife wags these ones don't need Range Rovers and bubbly to make them happy, just use the matching game with them every few matches.

Only the cheapest energy drinks are worth buying, other stats can be boosted in other ways, rather than with a pricey energy drink.

How to play for your country in New Star Soccer

You'll only get asked to play for your home country once you've worked your way up to one of the top teams, so don't worry about getting picked until later in the game.


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