Sunday 5 August 2012

Sonic CD Lite - Freedom of 3 Levels

    I'm not sure what took me so long to finally test and review this app. Sonic the Hedgehog is a classic legendary gaming icon. He also has some animated series like Sonic X.  Sonic CD Lite brings you the classic gaming title to your smartphone. The nonlite version pops up on my Xperia Play Store, but I believe the Lite version had just been recently Xperia Play Optimized. This FREE  version lets you play 3 distinct levels. The levels have their own unique backgrounds and don't look the same. Even a boss level is provided. The Lite version has over 1 million downloads on Google Play. Because of Time Stones' special properties, if you go fast enough and pass some signs you may time travel to either the future or the past on Little Planet. (does the "planet"'s name sound familiar?)  Sonic apps are brought to you by SEGA of America. No Knuckles or Tails in this game, but the fun is still there. One of those is unlocked in the paid version. Join in on one of the early adventures against Dr. Eggman (aka Robotnik). Take on one of his most strongest creation ever, Metal Sonic, who also possess super speed as well as a laser canon and a force field. Also meet Amy Rose, a pink hedgehog who claims to be Sonic's Girlfriend.

      Just in case you need instructions on how to play, the in game explanation is really good. The two moves available are down + button to spin in a ball aka Spinball (disc in the old cartoon) and up + button to run fast with feet making a red 8 pattern. The screenshot above is an example of that second move. The sounds and music are loud and clear. You also get to choose between the Japanese/European background music and the U.S. version of the music. If you are somehow new to the series or character, the game can also describe the story to you. The graphics are a lot better than my Sonic games on the Gameboy Advance Emulator.  The time travel sequence is interesting to watch because you have pulled it off. Sparks fly behind you if you are getting closer to the required speed. If you find yourself wanting and needing more, the full version is available for $4.99. Go download the app and collect some rings. One downside for my phone with this application is that it takes up 30MB of internal storage.

       There are a few newer Sonic games available across various platforms including iOS, Android, XBox Live Arcade, Playstation Network, Wii Ware, and Windows Phone 7. The Screenshots for the nonfree games from Sonic look like they are newer and have even way better graphics(smooth 3D). However, you'll probably need recent higher end phones, Tegra 3 devices, in order to play those games. Sadly I can't test and review those apps(even the Lite ones), but I can at let you know of them. Their Screenshots really make me jealous and feel way behind in terms of phone technology. Sigh* Take a look for yourself if you haven't already.

Sonic 4 Episode I
                           (released 2010 for most platforms, new to Android in early 2012)

Sonic 4 Episode II

 Sonic 4 Episode II THD
(Released in May 2012 so I can call it  NEW! The Graphics do look up to date and beyond many standards.)

I'm not sure how much difference the THD makes unless you plug them into a large HD screen.

Enjoy, I wish I could enjoy those games.

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