Monday 27 August 2012

Hungry Shark App (FREE)

We have all seen and heard reports about shark attacks and how dangerous and ferocious sharks can be. Ever wanted to become a shark? Well with the Hungry Shark app you can do just that. With some of the same fish species as the ones found in Finding Nemo, you can go "Hey' it's that one" (Yes Dori/Ellen DeGeneres  is included.) Play as a shark who gets hungry quite quickly and must eat to replenish his energy. Fish aren't the only things you may devour. In the game you can eat humans (please don't try this in real life) and birds as well. Even jumping out of the water is a possibility. Bonuses such as clearing the shores of lively creatures exist to keep you playing. Your high score will be recorded. During gameplay, if you reach your previous high score, the game will alert you that you have come to that point.

A turbo bar(red) recharges as you don't swim full speed. The bar doesn't have to be full for you to use whatever turbo juice you have saved up. To use the extra burst of speed, just move your finger farther from the center of the on-screen joystick than usual.

You're not invincible so be careful. Swordfishes, jellyfishes and pop up fishes may harm you. Upon losing all your health(green bar) you will go "Belly Up". I haven't gotten very far in the game as I've been busy. I'm sure there are other dangers as well, like spiky underwater mines that go "POP"!

The Hungry Shark free! application is brought to you by the developers Future Games of London. It's available on both Android (over 5 million downloads) and iOS (over 20 million full versions downloaded) and had a 4.3 rating on Google Play. The FREE version is limited to 12,000 points. There are 2 sequels to this game. Hungry Shark - Part 2 (Hungry Shark 2) and Hungry Shark part 3. Both also have their own free counterparts. I'm not too sure on what additions were made to the game, but you can find out for yourself. Probably have more kinds of fishes for the predator to prey on. The game is great for quick fun.You can also use tilt controls, but I'd rather not.

Larger prey will grant you more health. Makes sense.

You have to watch out for humans too. I guess not everyone is a fan.

Happy Feasting


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