Saturday 11 August 2012

Paranormal Ghost Camera App for Android

Scary Ghost Cam for
You wouldn't think that cutting edged technology and atavistic fears go hand in hand, but they do. The more we've delved into Android Apps the more weird , wonderful and downright scary apps we've come across. Scary Ghost Cam for Android is the latest we've come across and it certainly sends a yellowing broken nailed finger of fear icing down our spine. So much so that I insisted on reviewing the horror app in broad daylight and only using stock images in the review, just for the fear of awakening the occult by messing with things on my Android phone that I shouldn't!

If you're looking for a bit of photographic fun or want to scare the bejeesus out of people than Scary Ghost Cam should be just what you want. Right before we start carrying on how spin tingling this app is let's just say it simple: Scary Ghost Cam lets you take pictures or use your own photos and allows you to add spooks, ghouls and scary effects to them.
Add over 40 ghosts to
your Android photos

The interface is brilliantly simple, with the only complaint being that the sliders for Zoom, saturation and other settings could be a bit larger as they sometimes failed to detect my fingers. It's very easy and intuitive to add the over 40 ghosts included in the app and manipulate the images, you can also go the extra mile by adding as many bucketloads of blood to the photo as you want.
Before the day became too overcast and I became too scared to use the scary app I had great fun taking photos of the family (and deleting them afterwards so as not to provoke the supernatural with messing with images of the unknown). The images were very easy to take, just using the stock Android camera accessed through the app and with a couple of button presses here and there we soon had ghosts looming over wives shoulders and a very gore spattered scene. To further add realism to the scary photos the app gives you the ability to change the saturation and contrast of the photos. 
Scary Ghost Cam is very easy to use
If I wanted to spit in the face of the occult and take my chances I could quite easily have shared the photos on Twitter, Facebook and Email. I didn't have the guts to, but when you buy the scary app if sharing your scary pics via social media is your thing than once again the app makes it very easy to do this.
So fancy facing up to the occult and overcoming your fears by ghostifying your photos?
Here's the Google Play link for Scary Ghost Cam

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