Friday 10 August 2012

An App for Finance Professionals

Portable financial app
Valuation App
If you're a City man or a Wall Street Guru or have any aspirations to be; then chances are you've explored the various app stores for apps for financial professionals. You've also probably battered your head against the wall a hundred times when you've encountered the need to perform complex financial calculations like working out Precedent transactions or monetary    Comparable analysis.

Now the thing is that whether you're already a high flying professional financial advisor operating out of New York or elsewhere or are just planning on having a profitable financial planner career you're in the demographic that owns a Smartphone. And more importantly you're smart enough to use it both to make money, save money and make your stressful job that little bit easier. 
If you're an Android owner and already an entrepreneur, investment banker, venture capitalist or a related career or are looking to be one in the future than you will know all about "EBITDA", "DCF" and other financial instruments . Put it simply the Android systems VALUATION APP  performs complex financial calculations and does it very easily and hassle free.
Android app for  CAPM and more

Since I'm a mere app reviewer aside from a few small forays into Financial Spread Betting (unsuccessful I might add, perhaps this app would have made my Spread Betting Hobby more lucrative!) I don't really understand the ins and outs of these market related ideas. So when asked to review Valuation App I initially baulked, but than after a bit of research decided that I would be able to provide a very solid review for the app and also happily recommend it , if you're in the market for free financial planning software on Android in the form of an inexpensive financial planning app.

Firstly let's look at the context of this application. For this type of software you can expect to pay a hefty amount, look up professional apps worth owning and you'll find related apps like the iBank ($59.99) and Koku ($29.99) apps. Now traditionally apps for budgets, cash flow , expenses and such like traditionally retail at a higher price than others. Now Valuation App doesn't even really fit into these categories, because even though it's money related it is aimed at financial professionals, not everyday folk trying to save a buck with their Android phone. So you should expect it to come in at a massive price. It doesn't it's free!

So a free app for a financial professional! Surely feature wise there has to be some catch. The only small catch is that for the full set of features:
Income Statement
Free Cash Flows
Discounted Cash Flows
Comparable Analysis
Precedent Transactions
Time Value of Money
Startup Valuation 
You'll be paying 0.99c. For the fully free version the app will allow you to work out  Beta, CAPM, WACC, Free Cash Flows and Time Value of Money

Impressively enough the app also comes with a very well designed glossary to explain these financial terms if some are unfamiliar to you. We mentioned ease of use before too and once again the app more than delivers with a good clean interface which makes it very easy to input the required data. The app claims that it delivers valuation techniques comparable to those used in the real world, feature wise this is an absolute certainty, all that remains is for those in need of a portable tool for financial professionals to perform complex calculations on their Android phones to download the multifaceted and well designed app from Google Play:

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