Thursday 2 August 2012

Use your iPad to support the Olympics and other sporting events

We're loving the Olympics and loving the fact that we can use our iPads and iPhones to support the Olympic Teams. But you know what ? The games have got to end some time, and when they do no matter how great the Olympic app s you have are, they're going to be redundant. 
So we've looked a bit beyond London 2012 apps to the future and found a great iOS app that will allow you to support your team 24/7 365 days a year even after this fantastic sporting event is over.
My Flag App US - The US animated flag
Flag apps for the Olympics

This year is one of those times that you really need a flag app, and I bet wherever you are in the world you have your iPhone or iPad with you, My Flag App US is just what it says it is, a virtual flag for your iOS device that allows you to show your patriotism for your Olympic team , and Team USA in any future event. Effects such as fireworks and sports ribbon mode can be turned on at will or a brilliant sound track with a special USA voice mode accompanies specially chosen sports music instruments (and yes there is a Vuvuzela in there too!). So are the USA going to win London 2012 this app won't tell you but will certainly allow you to show your patriotism. (Follow the app store link to download or find other Nations' Flags too)

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