Thursday 2 August 2012

Fruit Catch : No Slicing Required

Do you like being or going green? Want to save virtual fruits vegetables from going to waste? Fruit Catch allows you to save those digital fruits and veggies by catching them in a bag.  The bag looks more like a stitched traditional brown potato sack that is used for sack racing. Be careful as you try to catch the all natural products as bombs are also being thrown with them. Catch a bomb and you lose points. This is an alternative playing style to "Fruit Ninja" and "Fruit Slice" (it also shares resemblances to them). From the main menu you may view your high score and share it if you want.

The game comes with three difficulty levels. Each difficulty level gives the player different amounts of bombs during gameplay and different amount of time per round or match. You get 60 seconds for Easy, 45 secs for Medium and 30 secs for Hard. Harder levels have more bombs and less fruits. Just make sure you avoid getting negative points. This isn't like Jeopardy.

Some of the reviews state that they are getting force closed. I guess I am lucky because it hasn't happened to me with this app (fingers crossed). However, I did find a few changes that I would like with the game. Just making contact with your bag means "catching" an item. This seems odd as the bag has an opening. So you're bag is actually below the screen and the bag you see is more like a preview of the bags location.

The user reviews were made before the last update so perhaps the update fixed the "forced close" issue. Either way, if you or your kids love watching fruits fly across your screen, then this app if definitely worth the try. It's brought to you by the developers at Wahid Connected. The app has over 10,000 downloads on Google Play. Add one more download to the list.

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