Monday 13 August 2012

What it means to be a Samsung SmartPhone Owner

Since we upgraded our Android app review phone from an Xperia Play to a Samsung galaxy smartphone (S3 version of course) we've taken a big interest in what it means to be an owner of one of the Korean technology giants smartphones.

Firstly software wise Samsung has proprietary Android skins in the form of Touchwizz the Interface that Sammy layers on to the stock Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android. While on the subject of the S3s OS because of the phone's powerful processor we expect the upgrade to Jellybean to come any day now; making the S3 one of the first non native Jellybean phones to upgrade. 
As a side note the Samsung Galaxy S3 should also be able to use KeyLime Pie when that's released.
Other delights for Samsung's Flagship phone owners include a dedicated AppStore with occasional great freebies.

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  1. From this I get to understand how interesting it would be to become a Samsung SmartPhone owner. Samsung is a good company and they really provide us some great SmartPhones.


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