Thursday 9 August 2012

What updates do MMORPG players really want?

Two of the hottest names in non mainstream MMORPGs at the moment are Vindictus and Order and Chaos Online. These two in depth modern role players; despite being essentially on separate platforms, Order and Chaos being one of the most popular online RPGs for Android and IOS multi platform gaming,and Vindictus being an alternate Browser game,are following in the footsteps of more established games in the genre by introducing updates to keep their gaming intellectual properties new and fresh.
Mabinogi heroes, Vindictus update
Vindictus Pets
Vindictus is looking like WoW, Everquest and so many before it introduce pets, known as Vindictus Gremlins to its game," a fierce battle bird/bunny, sporting soft fur, floppy ears and a pointy beak, called a Gremlin. The Gremlin come in three types, the buff colored Tiny Gremlin, which is prone to mindless violence; the purple featured Punk Gremlin which brings a rock-n-roll attitude into fights and the Armor Gremlin, which comes equipped with armor from fallen enemies." (as a side note I've also seen these Pets referred to as the Baby and Husky Gremlin-not Punk and Tiny)
New mount and PvP update for Order and Chaos
Gameloft's Order and Chaos Mounts
While Order and Chaos is also going down a similar route but the new animals introduced here are mounts to be used in the online game, we've seen evidence of horses as mounts , but also lions and stags (what about being different eh Gameloft and giving us something for the technical classes? I for one would love to see something like a roll-a-bout just for the comedy value alone!) Of course being one of the foremost mobile developers Gameloft has promised the biggest update ever and will also be introducing the much sought after PvP arenas for Order and Chaos ;new quests, new items and a"darker and deeper" dungeon in Sailen.

So plenty of MMORPG choices there, being an iPad gamer at the moment I think that O and C will be getting some more attention before I check out Vindictus' new update.

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