Thursday 9 August 2012

Top Korean App makes its way West

I'm Clock: Korea's Number one Paid iPhone App
About a decade ago when Eastern gaming and technology markets jumped on a massive product release; Western markets were soon to follow as at that stage the East was the trendsetter for technology. As games, consoles and technology has moved its epicentre westwards in some ways other areas like Japan and China are lagging behind. However, in recent years with the rise of Mobile gaming and apps new and exciting Eastern countries like South Korea with blockbuster mobile devs like Gamevil are starting to reclaim the crown of technology and software experts.
So when an app that is number one in the Korean Appstore makes its way onto Western appstores, you've just got to sit up and take notice.

I'm Clock: Korean app success seeks Fame in the West
Clocks, alarms,stopwatches, countdown timers, egg-timers and any other horological app for iDevices that you can think of have been done a million and one times. So why is "I'm Clock" such a success in South Korea and can it overcome any cultural barriers to make it big on other appstores?
Look at I'm Clock's feature list and you can see that if you're needing to buy a clock app for your iPhone or iPad then just based on features this app could be something special:
Multi featured iOS clock with mood enhancing

  • It's minimalist-so looks something special, pundits would call it a Feng Shui clock experience for your iDevice, we just say it looks very stylish
  • Alarms and snoozing are supported, easily set and accessed even when the app is shut
  • A comprehensive live weather forecast comes with the clock app. Sundials, barometers and time keeping have gone together since time immemorial, so this app just keeps up a timeheld tradition
  • Time of day backgrounds and accompanying music: Now this is where the app transforms itself from just another clock app to something more and better. Natural themes are embodied and set moods fantastically and as for the music itself, there are none emotive tracks compiled by the developers themselves. Now that's dedication! (And it works rather well with the emotive-and customisable- background wallpapers and music providing an evocative experience to a mere clock app.

So back to the aforementioned app localisation problems, the fact is there aren't any. The only reason this "digital sensitivity clock" won't find worldwide success is if people don't hear of it. Well now you have, so if you want an emotive , experiental clock with multiple features than you need look no further than
I'm Clock for iPad and iPhone

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