Tuesday 18 September 2012

All the features of iOS 6

Guide to iOS 6
All the features of iOS 6
Apple's  new operating system  iOS 6 --will be released to iPhone and iPad users on Wednesday,19 September just prior to the iPhone 5 launch. Lack of overwhelming excitement for the iPhone 5 with its evolution rather than revolution of previous handsets,might yet be saved by some very exciting and overwhelmingly brilliant features of iOS 6. List of devices that will support iOS 6: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPad 3 (new iPad) and iPod touch 4G (the iPhone 5 will run the os out of the box)

All you need to know about iOS 6
Say good-bye to Google Maps, as Apple's own bespoke maps app comes online with the new operating system,Facebook becomes even more deeply embedded, and Siri will not only get some exciting updates but will now also be  supported on the other suite of Apple devices rather than just the iPhone 5 (and 4S), that's right you can now use Siri on the new iPod Touch and third-generation iPad starting Wednesday.
At the moment over 200 hundred innovations,improvements and fixes are set to roll out with the update, this article will take you through some of the most important:

Maps:Google Maps will be a thing of the past for iOS, Apple's Maps application includes new vector-based 2D map elements, 3D maps, detailed traffic conditions. Finally turn by turn navigation will be available too (albeit much later than most Android Flagship phones, a handsfree future is on the cards as Siri is deeply embedded in the Apple Map app and is not reliant on the device being unlocked.

Siri: Siri will now be usable on the new iPad and iPod touch models as well as the telephone handset. Aside from the incremental improvements that would be expected Siri will also be able to voice launch applications and post to Twitter and Facebook (Samsung's S Voice already does this-does this mean a potential patent lawsuit in the future-most likely) ! Foursquare has been very much more integrated into Siri and Football results are now much easier to get-whether the Foursquare and business support for Siri migrates to the UK and the rest of the World remains to be seen.
Facebook Integration: Previously Twitter allowed easy sharing of i Device content, now Facebook follows suit and also syncs its Events with Apple's iOS Calendar.
Phone Features: We mustn't lose touch of the fact that essentially the iPhone 5 is really just a very,very sexy telephone (albeit one Alexander Graham Bell wouldn't recognise) Apple hadn't touched the general Phone feature since it was introduced in 2007 with the first iPhone. In iOS 6, Apple has created more options for users to deal with incoming calls, including options to reply with a quick message, or a reminder to be set for a certain time or a certain place.
And now for those on the move who love FaceTime but aren't always able to get to a WiFi hotspot finally mobile networks including 3G will support Facetime.

Features From OS X "Mountain Lion": Just as Google Chrome allows users to continue browsing the web through multiple device synchronisation so will iCloud and Safari enable a similar synchronization of browsing tabs across laptops,computers and different Apple devices.

Passbook: As mentioned, iOS 6's "Passbook" keeps digital tickets, coupons, loyalty cards and gift cards organized in a simple location.  Passes in your Passbook can be time and location based, so if your flight gets delayed or you arrive at a Starbucks location, the user is immediately notified and Passbook is immediately launched.

Clock for iPad: Finally some basic clock function s come to the iPad with iOS6 :alarms, timers, and the ability to see the time in different places around the world.  Alarms is one of the more exciting features: Users can set their alarms, but also flip the screen to see their alarms all laid out on a planning calendar. The iPad Clock can also let the user choose any song from their iTunes Library to create as their alarm, this could very well spell the demise of non Apple clock apps.

Find My Friends Optimized:  "Find My Friends," which let users search and discover their iOS-owning friends on a map. In iOS 6, users can opt to receive alerts when a friend enters or leaves a certain location, which Apple calls "geofencing." In other words, if you're a worried father about his daughter's first trip to New York City for an interview, you can set up an alert to tell you when your daughter arrives in the city, and you can also alert yourself when she leaves the city, or arrives at the train station nearby. It's extremely useful for anytime people need to coordinate meet-ups, or if parents need to check on their kids' statuses when traveling.
Bluetooth Enhancements: Bluetooth is enhanced and easily accessible.
Updating Apps: No longer will you need to enter your password to update apps. The annoyance of being sent to the devices homescreen when an app download is chosen is a thing of the past too and you'll be able to stay on the Appstore and browse and download to your heart's content from that one area.
Accessibility issues addressed in iOS 6:  With integration into Maps, Zoom, and AssistiveTouch, Apple is looking to help blind or low-vision users, and the company is also looking for hearing aid solutions to give its users a quality audio experience.
"New" Banners: Newly downloaded apps will be tagged with the new banner to keep track of your myriad downloads.
Other assorted features in iOS 6( for full list seethe Apple Website)

Lost Mode (Send a phone number to lost device, which can be called with single tap)
Location-based reminders for iPad
Manual location entry for reminders
Autocorrection for every keyboard
Word highlights for speak selection
HDR improvements
IPv6 support for Wi-Fi and LTE
App in Safari search results
Music ringtones
Updated sharing menu with large icons

The new and revamped Apple operating system promises some very sexy features and goes hand in hand with their improved hardware.
Many thanks to Dave Smith of the International Business Times whose original article provided much of the inspiration and research needed to write our article.


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