Wednesday 19 September 2012

Massive Update to Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Spell Factory
Latest Clash of Clans Update ,now with Spell Factory!
Yet another update to the phenomenally popular Clash of Clans has arrived. The previous update brought some minor changes like Hidden Tesla Defences, this Clans update is absolutely huge with many new features. And good news for potential IPhone 5 and next gen Touch owners with built in support for your devices.
For regular and higher levelled Clanners we can now enjoy:
  • The Clash of Clans Spell Factory: spells include the Rage,Lightning and Healing Spell.
  • The New Battle Log is a brilliant feature. I can't wait for my village to be attacked now as I'll be able to replay the entire attack,find weaknesses in my defence and also perhaps learn some Alternative defence strategies rather than a giant or Archer rush strategy.
  • Higher level town halls allow you to add an extra wizard tower to bolster up your defences even more.
  • Visual improvements for upgraded troops. For example my level three archers now seem to be using fire arrows, and if you've upgraded a unit using the laboratory you'll now be able to see their rank as depicted by stars next to the unit.
  • iOS 6 supported with new Game Centre achievements.
  • And now for a disappointing new feature: You will now need a builder to build walls.Previously this was a builder free task, now even though the build is still instant you will have to free up one of your workers. A definite irritation factor as the higher up the levels you get the longer buildings take to construct. When you've got a lot of Gold lying about, it used to be the case that it could be spent on wall upgrades. Rather than leaving all that stored resource ready to be captured by a strong opponent.

A few other tweaks in housing , battle mechanics and other areas have also been added.
We can't wait to get that spell factory churning out some destruction and see a replayed battle in action.
Problems with Clash of Clans since the new update
Update: Since this mornings new features have been added I've found the game to be quite slow to load and the matchmaking seems slower than ever. A temporary solution for a non loading game is to just quit out and then stop the game from running altogether on your system. For example on an iPad, if Clash of Clans fails to load since the update then quit out of the game. Now double click the "Home" button and a list of recent and background running apps should come up in the tab. Long press any icon and they will all have a "minus" sign next to them. Just click that minus to stop all Clans activity and the next time you load it up it should proceed as normal. At the moment clearly there seem to be some server issues, perhaps as many people are logging on to download all the new and good stuff. For now persevere and we anticipate all problems clearing in a day or two.
Latest Info from Supercell to fix lag issues:
Supercell's official Facebook announcement as of 30 minutes ago:Maintenance break! It will fix lagging and connection issues, and we will be monitoring the situation. Thank you for your understanding and for your patience, we're working hard to get everybody back online!


  1. yet there is a picture of harvey norman here... anyway, thanks for the info

  2. Cash of Clans is being called Cash of Clans.. their latest update has rendered the game nothing but another pay to win game with outrage being voiced on the itunes store and their facebook page as well as many others successfully getting their money returned through Apple.. Be warned people, do not download this application unless you have large amounts of money to regularly hand over to supercell. Another great game ruined by greed... I and many others are very much looking forward to another game developer coming up with a similar multiplayer strategy.


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