Thursday 6 September 2012

Bombshells :Hell's Belles Review

Bombshells: Hell's Belles Review
Glu Mobile's Bombshells has just been released and we're downloading it as we speak. So what can you expect from this 300+mb download from the makers of Gun Bros?
Bombshells: Hell's Belles Review
Firstly it's an aerial combat game with the gung ho macho male characters of Gun Bros replaced with svelte airborne nymphettes and of course being a Glu Mobile game it's free with a great deal of customisation and 'plane upgrades for real cash. The promise of flying multiplayer for the Android and iOS game also has potential.
If you want to find out if Bombshells: Hells Belles is any good then wait 10 minutes until we update this review.
First impressions are good with the Flying Aces apparently providing air support for the aforementioned Gun Bros and Bombshells is also set in the same world as the enemy is still T.O.O.L, so if you liked the twins tick action and plot of Glu's prior hit then you should love this one too.
Siren and Banshee are your straight out the box pilots with Maverick being the extra health and damage pilot for a premium price. So far so Glu Mobile for Free but better paid formulae. So stats wise if you are prepared to pay then Maverick would be the best choice of Hell's Belles pilot.
The return of Xplodium and Daily Bonuses!

Yes,this is so much a Gun Bros spin off that even these elements are present,as for Bombshell's actual gameplay it's very slick with accelerometer controls controlling pitch and yaw of your plane(perhaps the Pink Lady to start with) and braking and thrust being soft buttoned along with missiles and cannon being right virtual buttons. A quick tutorial mission play through should make your mind up whether Bombshells:Hell's Belles is worth the free download. Personally we loved taking down the T.O.O.L drone as a taster mission, the vertical element introduced into the Gun Bros like gameplay was a treat as was seeing familiar enemies rendered in Three Dimensions.
Our initial verdict is that if you loved the backstory and enemy types of GunBros then the slick controls and spacious aerial battles of the Bombshells spin off continues on the same irreverent humour lines and tactical blasting action for mobile devices, so get your designer pilot helmets on if you fancy a free, pay for premium content aerial blaster set in an increasingly fascinating, yet familiar Sci-Fi landscape.

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