Wednesday 5 September 2012

New Browser MMORPG's for the USA: The Pride of Taern

Browser MMORPG's are the in thing in gaming at the moment with news of old established games like Runescape making the transition to tablets and as of yet untapped gaming areas. The Browser RPG scene doesn't really have an epicentre so the likes of Eastern Europe's and South Korea's renowned browser games never seem to make a splash in the West. Yeepgames is seeking to change that and bring one of Poland's hottest MMORPG's to the USA and we're quite excited because The Pride of Taern takes a lot of established gaming rules and makes the formula new and exciting in many ways.
Pride of Taern coming soon to the USA

Yeepgame will publish a Polish browser game The Pride of Taern  soon in North America. 
These are the unique characteristics of The Pride of Taern.

1.     Moving:
You can move your character by clicking LMB (Left Mouse Button). You have to click in the place where you want to go, and wait until your character gets there. It will only work when the place is an accepted point of travel or if the distance isn't too far, otherwise, your character will remain still. To stop your character, while it is walking, press left Ctrl. Not perhaps the most unique form of movement but a definite change from other browser game control schemes.
Moving between zones or walking in and out of the buildings is also very easy. You have to go as close to the passage as possible (door, gate, highlighted place) and click on it LMB. You should then start to load the next area.
While you are in a party only the leader of the group can move it.

2.     Attacking:
Many mobs attack on their own, when the player gets to close. Whether the mob attacks depends on the level you are and on how much health you have at the moment. You will encounter some mobs which don't attack at all and some mobs which are aggressive no matter how strong and healthy the player is. This perhaps hints at a high level of Mob AI -for a browser game this is unprecedented and I would hazard to say a feature that many other games-even "proper" console and PC games need to take heed of. Every videogame beasty doesn't have rabies you know!
If you want to attack monsters, or other players (other players can only be attacked if they stand in a red / violet area of a zone, if they have a red skull above their name, or they are in guild with which your guild has a war with) you have to click on the target with your LMB, and then choose the fight icon (crossed swords) and your character will advance and attack.

3.     Icons for Interaction (after clicking on character):
There are five icons displayed after clicking on the target (player, mob, NPCs) with your LMB. You must then choose the option that you want to use in order to achieve your goal:
View (Eye icon) Shows the appearance, level and health condition.
Fight (Crossed swords icon) allows you to attack on chosen target.
Talk (Cloudlet icon) allows you to begin a dialogue (only with NPCs).
Group (Three people icon) allows you to join a party or individual (only with other players).
Cancel (X icon) An interesting idea brought to browser games very reminiscent of older games like Kings Quest and Monkey Island-they've worked before for these types of games so we think that this type of point and click UI will make a great transition to browser MMORPG's

4.     Main Icons (on the left hand side):
Six most commonly used icons in the game, they allow you to do all the basic actions, and check most important things.
Map / Quests (Magnifying glass and paper icon) gives you access to the zone map (if available), and also your quests and tasks.
Party (Three people icon) provides you with an overall view of your current party (important for party leaders to view team regency during rest).
Rest (Camp fire icon) allows you to regenerate health, Mana and stamina lost during a fight. Not available in red areas of a zone.
Equipment (Backpack icon) gives you access to your equipment.
Skills (Book icon) gives you access to your available skills. You may upgrade skills and prepare strategies, to use them later in a fight when saved (I-IV buttons next to clock).
Stats (Pen and paper icon) gives you access to your stats and other important information (gold, platinum, PvP status etc).
 Nice easy simplification of normal gaming tropes-simplifying what can be a confusing genre for noobs.
5.     Icons on The Top of the Screen:
These six icons are located at the top of your screen. They are mainly to help with communication, and to provide the player with further functions while in game.
News (Rolled scroll icon) gives you info about events, recent changes and drafts.
Mail (Envelope icon) allows to read and send messages.
Top list (Cup icon) it gives access to all kinds of rankings.
Friends (Blue guy icon) we can see if friends are currently online or off, their location and last login. We can also send and accept invitations here.
Chat (circles icon) gives you access to a set of chats called mobile chat. There are (from top) global chat, newbie chat (under 20 level), team chat, private chat, trade chat (and for guild's members guild chat).
Settings (red key in circle icon) gives us access to main options: platinum purchase, change of quality, list of recruited players, potions purchase and much more. Same easy interface and a step in the right direction with other player interaction a seemingly high priority for clans and friends lists.

6.     Development of the Characters:
Since we create our first character begins our travel through the game world, the goal is to make our character better and stronger. Firstly by choosing  appearance (face only).
Far more important is development of stats and skills. Game doesn't limit us in any matter. We can have as many characters as we want to (we just can't play more, then one at the time) and we can choose in which way we will develop them. On start we have basic stats (10 of strength, dexterity, power, knowledge, and 200 of HP, Mana and stamina) and we get 5 extra to add. We will get other 4 stats points and 2 skills points every level, and we can do with them whatever we want to. It is better, when healers, fire mages and voodoos are developing Power, Knowledge, Mana and HP, and Barbarians, Knights, Archers, and Sheeds are developing Strength, Dexterity, stamina and HP (these stats works better with their skills). Same way we can develop our skills. Every class has 9 special skills that can be activated, or made stronger by investing skill points into them. Some nice unique character classes round out what is a very exciting look forward for USA players of browser based MMORPG's.

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