Friday 28 September 2012

Fantastic Titles now free on AppStore

Just a week after the iPhone 5 release it seems that game studios have gone crazy by discounting and making free many top class iPhone games for the end of the week. Here's a selection of the best free and budgeted games on the AppStore today:
Tiger Woods 2012 EA's top class titular golfing game is just a short year after its release now unbelievably free, what's even more exciting about this great free sports game is that it promises cross platform rivalry with Tiger Woods on console too.
TinyTroopers and The Last Driver are just two of the Chillingo games that have gone free, Chillingo promises that if you visit their Facebook Page you'll be kept abreast of even more of their apps being discounted all the way down to nothing this weekend.
GibsNGlory from the makers of Trenches is yet another free app that promises more of the same WWII action on IPad that we enjoyed before.Except now this alphas become a free IOS Zombie game with you playing the role of the Zombies versus the ravaging British Forces.
The Avengers Initiative is unsurprisingly heavily discounted this week. With the movie now out on DVD it's no surprise that Marvel Entertainment is promoting their brand with a sale. What's great though is that Avengers initiative is one of those games that we've been keeping an eye on for a while,with the opportunity to play as the Hulk and later other Marvel Heroes, console like IPad graphics and Infinity Blade like gameplay the app is well worth the sales price (£1.99 in the UK)
A console generation or two ago and we would have happily not only played but also been awed by Gameloft's Dark Knight. As it is the Batman starring title might not be the quality we'd expect on Xbox 360, but it's easily comparable to an Xbox game. What's not comparable is the AppStore sales price of 0.69 pence, we dare you to find even an 8 year old secondhand Xbox game at that price! So if you want similar gameplay to Arkham Asylum and Arkham City with some Battastic action then take advantage of Gameloft's generosity.
As more and more studios this weekend try to outdo themselves with sales and IOS game giveaways we'll try keep you informed and hope you join in the fun by adding those free apps you find in the comments section below.

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