Friday 28 September 2012

Downton Abbey App

Downton Abbey on iPad
For those fans of Jessica Fellowes' Downton Abbey series you now have your own Downton Abbey app.
As far as iPad niche apps go this is probably one of the most obscure that we've seen. Our British readers will know of the soap that chronicles the lives of those upstairs and those down below, for our American and other readers despite the ominous sound of 'Those below' ,Downton Abbey is not some cult gothic horror now brought to vivid life via the app on you IPad; but merely a British period drama of servants and rich folk set during Wartime.

If you're a fan of Downton Abbey the app will let you explore the Manor to your heart's content and find out more of the Fellowe's story that might not necessarily be in the third season of the rich period drama. Also look for more info about new characters like Martha Levinson and enjoy behind the scenes looks at season 3 of the NBC show. If you're not a fan it would be a hard job to convince you to like this niche television inspired app, but you could always explore it if British social class dramas are your forte! Enjoy niche app hunters!

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