Monday 10 September 2012

Highest Overclocking Speed for Samsung Galaxy S3

If you're a Galaxy S3 owner then chances are you're a gadget lover who wants to get the most out of your bleeding edge Smartphone. Are you considering Overclocking your Android flagship ? If you are we've come across some facts about upping the Galaxy S3 clock speed that you might find interesting.
Not satisfied with the Quad core 1.5ghz Adreno chip some of the gurus over at the XDA forum have come up with the KT747 kernel.
Ktoonsez is the dev behind KT747 , what's awe inspiring about this kernel is that it gives the highest Overclocking speed for the Samsung Galaxy S3 that we've heard of: 2106mhz!
Users reporting back on KT747 say that the lightning fast Android kernel is stable and doesn't drain the battery of the phone or result in 'Heat Death'
So Mobile phone Speed demons head on over to XDA and find the kernel by KToonsez.

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