Tuesday 11 September 2012

When politics and Gaming clash

When Reddit crashed recently with "Obama" doing his QandA session gamers and the cool kids of the Internet sat up and took notice. Perhaps it was at this point that Nexon,renowned developers of Maple Story, realised that their social experiment with gaming and politics might be more of a success than they bargained for.
With elections coming up it's no surprise that political agendas are once again starting to seep into everyday life. With that in mind Nexon America has co e up with a unique feature of Maple Story that lets the players effectively vote on their favourite politician, with Obama and Romney being variously favoured. Here is Nexon's Pres Release showing this Politics Vs Gaming idea.

Obama leads in online gamer poll
Nexon America’s MapleStory polls players, partners with Rock The Voteto offer in-game campaign event

Nexon America has released the first player poll as part of its “Great Maple Election Quest 2012,” with Barack Obama preferred over Mitt Romney by 80 percent of those participating in its survey.

The survey, run on the Maplestory website from Sept. 7-9, asked players to vote on their preferred candidate for the presidential election. The poll received votes from 18,373 respondents in the United States, with 13,935 favoring Obama and 4,438 favoring Romney.

The poll is a small part of a major event currently being held in MapleStory. The “Great Maple Election Quest 2012” will include additional player polls, and will also include wide-ranging in-game election events running up to Election Day on Nov. 6. Additionally, MapleStory has partnered with Rock The Vote to encourage players to register to vote and participate in the real presidential election.

Any registered MapleStory player in Nexon America’s service could participate in the survey, which includes a sizeable audience outside the U.S. Players outside of the U.S. favored Obama 87 percent to 13 percent for Romney, 9,752 votes to 1,291 votes. Those who participated in the poll will receive an in-game item, called the “Buff Freezer.”

It was not all bad news for the Romney campaign, as he was favored by players in Utah, Montana and North Dakota. By wide margins, though, Obama swept the “swing states” of Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin.

“It is exciting to see our players voice their position on something as important as a presidential election,” said Min Kim, Nexon America CEO. “Our players represent a very important voting block.  This event in MapleStory gives our players an outlet to have their voices heard, in and out of the game, while providing an avenue for them register and become part of the election process.”


  1. Ofcourse the stupid uninformed maplers are gonna vote for Obama. What do they care about politics. Its just a stupid poll, by MTV's "Rock The Vote" farce of reaching out to the stupid young uneducated masses.

    Ofciurse, 1000's of addicted 10 to 20 something year old gamers dont give a crap about the news and politics, they care more about thier LAWLS and stupid smegas, NX clothes, weddings, never ending grinding sessions, finding more ways to kiss Mommy and Daddy's asses for more lunch money to waste on that god awful game.

    Ofcourse the folks Nexon don't care except getting rich by these same stupid gamers, and they relish thier ignorance, and don't care if they ruin children's lives, part-time jobs and school GPAs, They just want us to keep wasting more and more and more money on chairs, GACHAs and Smegas.

    This holds true to those who watch nothing but MTV, ComedyCentral, SouthPark, FamilyGuy, immature rejects at college campuses, and high school punks that care more about Twilight, LadyGaga, KanyeWest and his infamous trolling antics, and other epic win pop culture trendy crap these days.

  2. LOL, by the way, if Obama gets reelected, which he will by means of slander and cheating like most politicians do in order to remain in power

    I can't wait to see what would happen to Nexon America when they go back to work the next day on Jan. 19, 2013 and finds out they got run out of business thanks to the massive taxes imposed on them for all the millions and billions of dollars from SMEGAs and GACHAs and other NX crap.

    Not only that, I can only imagine most of these maplers who voted for Obama are probably fat ass 18 - 30ish yr olds still living in their mother's basements wondering why they got no jobs, no education, and no cash to waste on NX.

    It's just sad and pathetic. Trust me I would know I'm 25 yrs old, and still live with my parents. The only difference is I have 2 part-time jobs(McDonalds, and IT HelpDesk) and just barely making it thru college. ~_~

    1. Thanks for taking time out from gaming, college and your jobs to read our site. Nexon just proves that gaming and politics don't mix,really what does the average Mapler know about government anyway? Of course if any Maple Story players out there disagree you're welcome to have your say too.


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