Friday 7 September 2012

How Mobile Technology is changing the face of education

A school classroom now in 2012 might be unrecongnisable to somebody a century ago. Computers naturally exploded onto the scene in recent decades and as the price point lowered gradually more and more powerful desktop machines made their way into the classroom . Many would say that we are in the midst of another education technology revolution thanks  to mobile technology and tablets in a particular. 
The educational app revolution is certainly upon us and business is booming for edu app studios. A visit to a local Museum with a small classroom exhibition made me realise how far we've come. Especially since teaching aids that were on show were immediately recognisable as learning aids that I used in my first school days. I'm sure many readers would have recognised wooden two tiered pencil cases that hinge out, plastic covered reading cards and number blocks. Have all these language cards and other educational tools for numeracy and literacy (I mean back in the day who even called them those, Maths and English were the subjects I knew!) been adequately replaced with apps? Well the debate is open , but with the high standard of "iPad literacy" nowadays I' sure that some kids could even use a website builder for free . This great infographic courtesy of LearnStuff sheds a lot of light on app educational culture.

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