Friday, 7 September 2012

The Tiny Bang Story now on Android

BigFish and Gamehouse games now on Android.
The Tiny Bang Story now on Android
Where the net leads mobile gaming is soon to follow. That's why such marvels as The Tiny Bang Story eventually migrate from their homes on sites such as BigFish and Gamehouse to the Android platform.
Herocraft is the forward thinking studio that is bringing The Tiny Bang Story to Android. If you haven't yet played this ingenious game then be prepared for a treat. Hidden Item games are always popular as are puzzle solving on Android mobiles. But combine the two and add some brilliant hand drawn graphics and you'll see why this BigFish Hit has now come to Android.

This is a unique steampunk world brought to life with a captivating soundtrack. Intuition and lateral thinking bring out the gaming puzzler in you as the bold move of having no in game text really makes the The Tiny Bang Story's gameplay something visceral; rather than rote learned.

Prepare for a full Gametrender review of this hit PC game come home to Android soon.

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