Sunday 2 September 2012

How to find app sales on Google Play

How to find the cheapest Android apps on Google Play
Google Play is currently straining under all the downloads from its Labour Day app sales and end of Summer Android App Sales.
But how exactly do you find apps on sale on Google Play?

Well firstly research is key, now it could be intensive research that involves you knowing which sites to search and when to search, but is the effort involved for a discounted 99c app really worth it? 

To find last minute app sales, both obscure indie apps on sale and Blockbuster Android games on sale (and-gasp-for free) you could turn to established app and game websites like ourselves too. But us app journalists are only human too and can miss out on lots of cut price apps and games too.

You could even turn to comparison sites and apps( notice our widget-that could get you the cheap apps you want).

And finally one of the best ways we've found of getting the best app prices is by a timely Google Play search:
When is the best time to search Google Play for App Sales?
There are two time scales involved here, weekly and seasonal Google Play sales. Weekly sales are frequent and big companies like EA and Gameloft are infamous for having apps on sale almost every other weekend (this applies to both Android and iOS games). Remember that a lot of the bigger app studios operate out of the States so what is Midday Friday for you might only be 2 in the morning on a Friday in the USA- generally by 1800 PST most weekend app sales are announced.
Seasonal App Sales
Seasonal sales are a whole different kettle of fish though. These are holiday time specials on the Appstore that publishers magnanimously decide to heavily discount. So all the big festivals are in there: Halloween, Christmas etc. Perhaps the publishers have the idea that a holiday means more me time with your phone or tablet and act accordingly. Now again you've got to think interculturally about these things, and as it stands at the moment Google Play is very heavily Western orientated towards Western cultural phenomenons, so you might not necessarily find a Pesach sale going down, but Thanksgiving and others are certainly times to heat up your Android devices for some cut price apps and games. 
A case in point though is if you;re coming to the end of a season-Winter for example and you type in App Winter Sale-then remember your hemispheres Winter might be USA's summer-it's all about the big 'ol USA here I'm afraid.
How to search for Apps on sale on Google Play
Google Play:
Summer Sale
Great info Gametrender, thank you very much for telling us when an app might be on sale, but how do we find the darned things I hear you say? Very simple, app and game lovers, try a search like this: Just type "end of summer sale" into Google Play's search bar and up will come all those apps and games that are showing that seasonal love, so for example Summer 2012 Google Play Apps on Sale include:
Vignette, Modern Combat 3,Sonic CD,Virtua Tennis Challenge,NOVA 3,Star Armada, Dynamite Fishing Premium, Square Enix's Crystal Defenders and more.

So a great time for discounted apps and games, so stop reading about them and go off and search for the best Google Play has to offer.


  1. I love your blog, I look forward to seeing more from you. Do you run any other sites? thanks

    1. Thanks Obat, that's much appreciated thanks for being a great reader. Gametrender in my one and only blog.


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