Wednesday 26 September 2012

How to improve your score on One Epic Knight

run 10000m in One Epic Knight
One |Epic Knight All time High Scores
One Epic Knight is carrying on the great tradition of Temple Run as an addictive endless running game. If you haven't yet heard of One Epic Knight, you'll soon be addicted to achieving all the feats and running 10,000m into the dungeon. It is a slick and amusing game and lends a lot to the endless running genre. Set in an endless dungeon complete with traps, pits, monsters and lots and lots of loot your task is to get your knight as far into the dungeon as possible. Here's our guide to getting high scores in One Epic Knight.

There's plenty of appropriate power ups to be had in this IOS 3D runner and you need to consider your best tactics for using them. Firstly it's highly recommended to upgrade as soon as possible, both the sword and shield power ups will last much longer once you invest some money in them.
Spend gold in One Epic Knight
What to upgrade first in One Epic Knight?
So how does this help to get a higher score? Firstly you've got to remember that there's a score multiplier ; bash things with your shield- whether that be a cheeky wall in your way, a swinging scythe or even a creature and your score multiplier increases. Improve your shield and not only will a newer and tougher shield be yours, and very nicely graphically presented too-the upgrade even shows as a new type of shield-but your Epic Knight score multiplier will increase too.
And the same goes for the sword ,upgrade your weapon and it will be able to slice through even more creatures, gaining you an increased multiplier. An upgraded weapon is crucial to some of the achievements, for example try collecting 20 individual swords, extremely difficult, but when upgraded one pick up will give you Two or even more swords.
Strategy wise you've got to think whether you want to keep your sword and shield in case you bump into a creature or trap by accident or whether you want to increase your multiplier as fast as possible by bashing and slashing as soon as you make the pickup.
What does Rage and Mana Madness do?
If you pick up one of the turkey legs hanging from the ceiling you'll go into rage mode, for a limited time you can smash through obstacles and creatures and increase your multiplier. Upgrading this power up generally makes the rage mode last longer. Mana madness is the frantic adrenalin burst mode where your knight goes berserk and runs uncontrollably through the dungeon without your control. He'll destroy everything in his path and jump gaps and pick up every treasure for a limited time,all on autopilot. Beware when the Mana Madness mode runs out though as you'll quickly be back in control. We especially recommend the early Mana upgrades which make the crystals appear more frequently,as they seem to be rather rare otherwise.

One Epic Knight game guide
Feats in One Epic Knight
Other hints and tips for One Epic Knight
The 3D endless runner by Simutronics plays brilliantly on IPad and is very addictive, but to get the most from the game you're going to have to earn and invest that gold. We've tried to stay away from one use potions that give you boost starts or increase your score and tend to invest in mana/weapon and shield upgrades. Of note though is that treasure adds dramatically to your score so upgrading the loot makes more valuable jewels appear more frequently the deeper into the dungeon you get. There are many hidden areas in this Tiny Heroes spin off,so look for culverts to slide into, hidden doors and dragon's lairs to smash into in Rage mode or using your shield.
This is by no means a guide to One Epic Knight as it would be silly to give a sword slash by shield bash analysis of a frantic game like this, we will say that as far as AppStore endless runners go this is one of the funniest ones we've played, the main character has a lot of witty Monty Python like humour and the pacing is just right, now look forward to our guide to One Epic Knight Feats (achievements) coming soon ( now where exactly is that Dragon's Lair and Stairway to Heaven!!!)

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