Tuesday 25 September 2012

Qualcomm to make a real life Tricorder

We like it when mobile phones come up with new ideas ( hang your head in shame iPhone 5) , we like it even more when scifi tech becomes part of our everyday mobile use.
For StarTrek fans the Tricorder needs no introduction, for others this medical device of the future is a handheld machine that can diagnose ailments. Great so what does this scifi doctor have to do with current gen smartphones?
Medical Diagnosis for Mobile Phones
Qualcomm Foundation is the charity arm of the Qualcomm chip makers who seem to have their powerful mobile CPUs and GPUs in an enormous amount of Android phones and other mobile devices. They've teamed up with the Nokia Sensing X Challenge to come up with the Qualcomm Tricorder X Challenge: the contest seeks to bring medical sensing technology to smartphones in the future and aims to challenge developers and scientists to builds handheld device that will use sensors to diagnose up to 15 medical ailments.
The contest will run until 2015 but registration finishes in January.
The idea of a real Tricorder in your Android or IPhone is not as unrealistic as you would believe with even contemporary apps being able to read your pulse and act as diagnostics via questionnaire apps and Wiki like medical source materials . So if you want to register than look for the Qualcomm Foundation on the net or like me you can encourage them to add medical tech as well as phaser tech to the next generation of smartphones! Now that would make Captain Kirk jealous!

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