Friday 21 September 2012

Ratfishing....wait Rat Fishing?

Okay, one more review on a fishing app. This fishin app is different however in that it doesn't Here the term fishing is used like the meaning "to lure". You lure out the rat because you probably don't want rat around or it's your job to clear them out. No fishing pole or fishing equipment is required. No having to choose the correct bait and tackle and weight/sinker or bobble. No hooking body parts. Just your smartphone. You get the idea.

How to play: Tap a spot on the screen (must be on the sky) to drop a piece of cheese that will fall from your tap. Once your cheese lands, it will start spreading an aroma for a certain distance. When a rat smells the cheese, they will become rat zombies and walk towards the cheese. In this world, there is almost always a way for them to fall off and disappear. So far they only towards smelled cheese, and their home. Each rat only has one home. I don't think they share routes like in the real world.

 There are other obstacles and techniques to get rid of them. Skip the rest of this paragraph if you don't want to know those spoilers. Drop rocks/boulders on a rat and that rat will be gone. Lure a rat into a screened area and you can fruit ninja their necks(hack and slash). I sometimes struggle with this slashing as it doesn't read my cuts really well. Maybe it should autocut when it understands what I'm trying to do. Drop Cheese onto rocks to start getting them to move. A rat is able to move a rock if it wants to. For example if it smells a piece of food behind a rock, it will push that rock in the direction of the cheese until it can't smell it anymore. Then it will go back to it's hole. If it's on the return to it's home and rock stands in its way, it can just keep moving forward with the rock until it reaches home. There are surely more tools and objects in the application. I haven't gotten very far in the game. Admittedly I'm stuck.

Ratfishing is available on both Google Play(FREE for Android) and the App Store($1 for Apple).On Google Play the smartphone application has over 100,000 downloads and an average rating of 4.3. Although the gameplay seems easy at first, it starts adding new tricks at an acceptable pace. The colorful graphics are not bad either and run smooth(no problems yet). You can also say that the mouse voices are cute.

Happy trappings.

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