Friday 21 September 2012

What is iMpulse

iMpulse: Bluetooth gaming Fob for Android and iOS
We're in the business of playing mobile games for a living (and what a great living it is!), but there are still limits to the fun you can have with a mobile device. iMpulse is looking to add even more fun to mobile gaming.
What iMpulse does
Currently fund raising on Kickstarter iMpulse is essentially a key fob sized device that will sync with your Android or iPhone/Android and allow you to play games and control your apps with a real thumb stick and trigger buttons. There are a few products out that act as controllers for your Android and iPhone , but with its compact size and the ability to connect to your phone with Bluetooth we haven't yet seen a phone controller as versatile or so darned nifty as iMpulse.
So a Bluetooth joypad for your Android/iPhone 5 is that it? No, because the makers have clearly put a lot of thought into iMpulse and it has a massive feature set that really makes
us want to see the Kickstarter gaming project succeed. Design wise it is deliberately made to be key fob sized so it can fit on your car or house keys, and this provide a handy way to locate lost keys by using your mobile. It's designed to be tough, so from initial pictures it appears that the controls will be protected by a slide out panel. So you'll just keep it unobtrusively in your pocket until the time comes to deploy it for some mobile gaming. It can also be used to remotely control your mobiles camera and media playing facilities with the buttons and thumb stick doubling as volume controls and camera shutter controls.
So as mobile gamers we are very, very excited about iMpulse's Bluetooth game pad possibilities and wish the makers all the best in acquiring their Kickstarter funding for a very exciting new way of playing games on our IPhone 5's !

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