Saturday, 8 September 2012

The best time to attack in Clash of Clans

Based on real Clash of Clans playthroughs and FAQs we've found some tips to help you make your attacks more effective.
The Best Time to Attack in Clash of Clans
When you return to the game after a short time away it's often the sad case that some S.O.B has raided. Your effective Clan defence might not have failed but you might have lost a lot of gold and elixir. So it's time to replenish your own stocks and go off raiding. Before you do; stop and think. Will the amount of gold and elixir that you collect in the time your shield is active be more or less than a successful battle might get you? If the answer is yes, then wait and attack after your shield runs out. 
But if you really want to attack then perhaps we might have a helpful hint for you. We've played Clash of Clans all throughout the day and night, what you've got to consider is that unless a player harvests his gold mines and elixir collectors, then all those resources will be there for the taking. See the time this article has been written? That's 0100 GMT time and I've just raided 5 villages each with over 50k gold and 70k elixir in their coffers. Now that's a fair amount for a level 20ish player to get as a nice bonus. So we suggest that if you're after a quick,lucrative resource raid then go for the unsociable hours when sensible people are asleep. Try to raid from Midnight to about 7 in the morning and see how that works out for you. Is this the best time to attack in Clash of Clans?We think so!
If I've just emptied your Gold and Elixir storage then I do apologise! It's in the name of scientific research after all!


  1. If I am raiding for trophies, then what will be the best time to find lot of town halls away from defences?

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