Sunday 16 September 2012

Tiny Bang Story: Android Hidden Object Game of Exquisite beauty

Tiny Bang Story now on Android
With a ponderous amount of Hidden Object Games on Android phones and most other mobile devices, some good,some bad but mostly rarely ugly, at your first glance of The Tiny Bang Story,you'd be forgiven for letting out a jaded adventure gamer's sigh. That feeling will last all of two minutes before a remarkably vivid and beautiful world mesmerises you.

And it's at that stage of the game that you realise that it's not just another Android HOG but something delightfully surreal and different. If you insisted on squeezing Tiny Bang into a genre then it could be best described as a Hidden Object/Puzzle genre. And it works really well , especially on the a larger screen phone like the Galaxy S3. If you're a Machinarium fan than have no doubts whatsoever, you are going to love this.

In a world shattered by an interstellar catastrophe you as the faceless protagonist are charged with resculpting the delightfully vivid , hand drawn world. I choose the word 'sculpting' very carefully as this world is truly a magnificent fragile work of art. A steampunk lite creation of quaint and whimsical objects await those lucky enough to venture into the realm
of the Tiny Bang Story.
Once in this world contextual puzzles and hidden objects lay littered about waiting for you to puzzle and seek out.
What is most remarkable about this app is how it is entirely dialogue free,simple diagrams and scene setting carry you forward with a rechargeable hint system to help you out.

As somebody who often gets frustrated with Android Hogs I was expecting similar before I began my review. I'd be remiss if I didn't say there was a little bit of frustration,but the compelling atmosphere of the beautiful world and ethereal music always seemed to buoy me along when stuck on the app( followed by one or two trips to Help Forums for this Hidden Object Game).

This app was reviewed via a Samsung Galaxy S3 and makes the most of a bright and colourful mobile screen. The Tiny Bang Story will mesmerise you.

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