Sunday 16 September 2012

Lord of the Rings 3D LWP

         The Lord of the Rings Franchise is well known by almost everyone. With this 3D Live Wallpaper you can enjoy your smartphone at a little more. Bring your Precious with you wherever you go. Most people who look at the phone should be able to recognize where that golden ring with engravings is from. If that isn't enough, there is a 3D environment background that can be viewed using the accelerometer in your phone. What's the background? It is  the Dark Tower (Barad-dur), easily noticeable with the Eye of Sauron on top of it. Use the accelerometer and you may also see another location. It's only Mount Doom where the ring was forged and many of the main characters in the Lord of The Rings Movie Trilogy tried to reach (by starting the Fellowship of the Ring) because that's the only place where the ring can be destroyed. The power to possess the ring if FREE on Google Play from Ragecreations.

The Lighting, engraving details, angles and smoothness of the app is amazing even without using its highest settings. Change the way the ring spins/rotates. The speed of rotation can also be altered. Scroll to different homescreens and that changes the zoom on the ring a little. A cool use of having different home screens.

According to the developer, restarting your phone after installation helps the application run smoother.

Become your own lord of THE ring. I usually don't keep Live Wallpapers on my phone in fear of battery drain, plus they usually have cookie cutter graphics /jagged edges and look really unprofessional. This Live 3D wallpaper is truly an exception with real 3 dimensional graphics.  This App comes out just in time for bragging rights as The Hobbit Trilogy will surely refresh peoples minds as to what this ring is.

 Be careful on your quest for the ring. When you tap on a setting, what pops out may not always be a toggle option. An ad may pop up. The app does try to stay friendly with a warning every time you enter the  main settings screen; a disclaimer is shown saying that if you click on one of the ads, your number and email may be shared with the ad provider/website. So just make sure to watch where you tap. Once your setup is done, you are good to go. There are no advertisements on the wallpaper, except the actual ring of the lord of the rings. It's a cool advertisement though.

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