Tuesday 30 October 2012

Answers for the Guess Who app

Did you really think that Id be so kind as to provide the 'Guess Who' answers without a fight? Truth be told, the mildly entertaining app is founded on a good idea: a series of progressively less defined drawings of famous people need to be guessed. The drawings on the easiest level are well defined, on the hardest barely legible.
But this is a hardcore guessing game with no clues whatsoever as to who they are,and no prizes for correct guesses either ! As a result it is very easy to hit a frustration wall and give up on the app.
So if you've been baited to this app review of Guess Who with the promise of answers then I'm sorry to disappoint. However if you know the answers please share them in the comments below.
The frustrating, but kinda fun app 'Guess Who' is available for IPad and iPhone.

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