Monday 29 October 2012

Comfort and convenience with the i-Music Hat

Hats to be used with smartphones
i-Music Hat
MP3 Player: Check, Wooly Hat: Check, Gloves: Check . Yes, Winter is here and if you're going to go out there's a lot to remember to bring with you and the last thing that you're wanting to have to do is drag around yet more things that can be lost. So think back to that little Winter list up there at the top of this article, as a modern day lover of gadgets whether you're going running or commuting or whatever; you're going to want your personal tunes with you in some shape or form. Whether that's in the form of a dedicated MP3 player or a top of the range Smartphone personal music is where it's at. but wait! Something was missing from that list, of course, what good is a personal music player without headphones!

We're reviewing another idea with the thematic similarities of Winter + Smartphone (or equivalent) needs specialised accessories-just like our Tocuhscreen friendly gloves from a prior review. Yes, tech lovers, it's another of those funny secret santa gifts that will appeal to this Smartphone loving audience. This time we're heading up in the world , but not too high, just as high as your head really. With the great idea of combining built in speakers with a warm "beany" type hat comes the i-Music Hat.

They've gone for a very generic hat type which is a good thing, you'd be quite unlikely to pop out with a Stetson or a Top-Hat upon your head-even if it was iPod friendly. But by going for a stocking type beany hat the makers have not only attempted to capture some urban suave but have probably hit upon the most practical hat design.

Made of polyester and in a one size fits all format the i-Music Hat is a great way to enjoy your tunes on the move without the hindrance of easily lost headphones. The speakers produce a good range of sounds and most importantly,in keeping with the convenience idea, are simply powered from your music device. Luckily it is possible to wash the hat too-as I can quite happily see it as a must have for a jogger, thick enough to keep the worst of the chill off, but not thick enough to make anybody doing even the lightest of exercise uncomfortable.

More importantly for the audiophiles amongst us is the fact that the speakers deliver much more superior sound quality than a conventional hat/headphone setup. The nasty thing about Winter is that it isn't very technology friendly and so generally even something as basic as headphones when paired with cold protection don't work to their potential-irrsepective of if they cost hundreds of pounds or mere pennys. This combined hat/speaker idea negates those bad experiences.

We've been jogging and commuting and generally wandering around with the built in speaker hat for just over a week now and it is still performing admirably, despite a lot of sweat and rain exposure! At first the speaker lead doesn't seem very strong, but as we have had no problems so far that doesn't appear to be the case.

If you're wanting to keep comfortable this winter and avoid having yet another item to get tangled, lost or inconvenience yourself with then try the hat that avoids these headphone/speaker woes.
We particularly recommend the i-Music Hat for joggers, runners and others whose personal music is important to themselves.

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