Sunday 14 October 2012

How do you use Google Voice Typing on the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Different keyboard inputs on samsung galaxy s3
Google Voice typing on the Samsung Galaxy S3
The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a multitude of features amongst them are many different types of input methods for the keyboard. Unfortunately the phone is not always intuitive to use so we've done a bit of research to help out with the common problem of how to use Google Voice typing and handwriting on the Samsung Galaxy S3
Activating Google Voice Typing on the Galaxy S3

From the phone's home page use the capacitative button to go to the phone's settings.
Click the "settings" icon, which is to the right of the SAMSUNG KEYBOARD Option
This will allow you to change the  SAMSUNG KEYBOARD SETTINGS.
Check the box to the right of VOICE INPUT ; the Show Voice Entry Button on Keyboard. 

Notice the Google Voice pop up above
the settings button?
If you still can't find voice input or handwriting to text!
For unknown reasons the above option doesn't always work so it might be necessary to use on of these extra steps:
If you pull the notification screen down and tap the Select Input Method (keyboard icon) you can then select Google Voice Typing which should launch voice input with a mic symbol and the word listening above it.
If the settings icon is still displayed on the keyboard (the button that looks like a cog); then 
hold down the  settings icon (for 2 seconds) and you will see a choice of 3 different Icons pop up. (these icons will enable normal keyboard input, handwriting to text and the elusive Google Voice to text option) . Now simply Drag your finger to the microphone and it will be there until you change the settings again.


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