Monday 15 October 2012

When is JellyBean coming to the UK Samsung Galaxy S3?

Touchwiz UX improvements in Android Jellybean
Android Jellybean on UK Galaxy S3's yet?
If you're like the average British Samsung Galaxy S3 power user your daily ritual consists of constantly checking to see if Android Jellybean has finally been ported to UK versions of the S3. Rumours are still being drip fed through the net with only two significant recent "newsworthy" items about the update. Android Jellybean is already on Galaxy S3 phone's in some European regions with the rollout starting in Poland roughly ten days ago. The Samsung Galaxy Note which has also been recently released is already using JB too!
A new Android 4.1.1 build I9300XXDLIH has just today been released in Sweden.
Why is Samsung taking so long to bring Jellybean to UK Handsets?
With the United Kingdom having so many mobile networks we can expect the update to take slightly longer. Samsung insists on thoroughly testing the software on all network infrastructures as it refuses to release an inferior product-especially with the Galaxy S3 being the South Korean mobile giants current flagship device. Of course Sammy also adds their own "skin" onto all versions of Android and the Touchwiz UX interface will also get an update with Jellybean, this update will include the ability to expand the floating video mode and a blocking mode for unwanted calls and messages.
Samsung has promised an October rollout for Jellybean and we're hoping that they stick to that for Great Britain!

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