Wednesday 24 October 2012

Maximising Google Now potential

British Sports on Google Now
Following on from our last article about Google Now basics we're coming back at you with more information about how to get the most out of the new Jellybean exclusive info system.
How to edit GoogleNow Sports Teams
When I saw I could get news about my favourite sports teams I was very excited. My excitement soon turned to confusion as going into the Google Now settings the 'edit teams' button was always grayed out. That is until I did a Google search for Manchester United. Now the card automatically popped up with my team-so just search and GoogleNow sporting teams cards should be yours to enjoy. And yes that even includes support for British Sports Teams on Google Now, so if you want to view an upcoming Liverpool or Aresnal or whatever match just do that search and soon you should start seeing those helpful cards appearing on your phone.
How does GoogleNow know where I live and Work?
Initially I thought that Google Now was clever enough to learn my daily commute. I think I gave it too much credit as it doesn't automatically give you  commute cards. To get googleNow popups for driving  it's necessary for you to check in your work and home locations in Google Maps. This way it'll be able to give you traffic warnings and theoretically even warn you when you need to leave early for work.
The more permission you give the more Now can help you. So enabling automatic check ins and internet searches will better enable Google Now to learn your interests and habits to give you better info cards on your Android phone.
What places will show up on a Now Card
Once you tick permissions for places nearby they should start to show up based on your location and privacy settings.
To really make the most out of Google Now you should allow notifications to pop up. This really makes it more of an automatic service.
Hopefully this clears up some confusion especially for Samsung Galaxy S3 UK owners needing to know how to use Google Now ( The UK S3 upgraded recently to Jellybean on Vodafone, O2 and Three-some users -myself included-didn't think that the Galaxy S3 used Google Now or Google Voice; hopefully this article will answers all those burning questions about Jellybean's most impressive feature.)

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