Wednesday 24 October 2012

Outrage at new IPad

Differences between iPad 4 and iPad 3
iPad 4 and iPad Mini
The iPad Mini-a good idea to compete with the Google Nexus' and Kindle Fires of the world. But news that the IPad 4 is to be released has caused outrage-particularly amongst IPad 3 (Hd) owners.

A mere 6 month upgrade cycle shows Apple's greed and the fact that thus virtually confirms that they made the 'previous' IPad underpowered. It also throws App studios into disarray as they are only now starting to harness the 3's power and aren't geared for an even faster processor. Will the extra power of the Ipad 4 therefore be redundant-is it just Apple's way to milk more money in an upgrade cycle that has gone insane?
The new iPad replaces the tablet's traditional 30-pin dock connector with the smaller Lightning port that Apple unveiled with the iPhone 5.Also new to the 4th generation device is a faster A6X processor, which apparently boasts double the graphic performance of the iPad 3's phased-out A5X.

This shows a few things apart from sheer greed: The A5X chips inclusion into the Hd model was always a poor and underpowered choice; and yet most media sources locked in a"The top Tablet" love affair rarely alluded to this lack of horsepower. Is this not another cash grabbing exercise to use their reputation to sell to other early adopters? And even a way to flog more lightning port adapters?
If you're a 'first in the queue' Iphone 5 owner now's the time to start worrying about how quickly your new toy will be replaced by a better model.

And finally if the media is to avoid previous mistakes it has to be strongly pointed out ; before the iPhone 5S as arrives in a matter of months-how the current devices lack of NFC capability abducted poor battery make it already destined for a swift upgrade. Help stop Apple's greed and have your say in the comments section.

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