Thursday 25 October 2012

Medieval Logic Adventure for iPad

Medieval Cluedo type logic game for ipad
iLogic Hero for iPad
Following on from their enormous success with iLogic Crimes ; Marian Consulting is set to turn the logic puzzle genre down a darker and more medieval flavoured road with iLogic Hero.

If Dragons, magic and similar themes set in a logic game sound like a fun idea then it can only be driven to new heights by a studio who has previously excelled in puzzle logic games on the iPad.

The press release promises some exciting features for a wide age range of players. Naturally the Princess has disappeared and in a Grimm's Tales flavoured Cluedo type deductive game you're charged with being the heroic Knight that sets out to rescue her. 
Naturally in this deductive game you won't be intervewing and grilling your standard type of criminals , but a whole menagerie of Fairytale animals need to be visited to find the missing royalty.

It's a fun concept that Marian carried out very well in their previous iLogic outing, but with the added impetus of a unique setting for a crime scene it should play out very well. As soon as iLogic Hero is available for review we'll be keeping you in the loop as to the quality of the newest Quick Logic Adventure.

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