Thursday 18 October 2012

Mobile friendly gloves

iGloves? Touch Screen Gloves to use with
any mobile device.
Sitting out in the mid autumn cold seemed appropriate to write a review for this winter's must have accessory for Smartphone owners: Conductive gloves that can be used with any capacitive screened device. Simply called "Touch Screen Gloves" or iPhone Smart gloves

Unfortunately with our current screen technology we are reliant upon the electrically conductive properties of our digits to use our screens. Unlike less premium resistive screens which work according to pressure a mobile devices capacitive screen is lightning fast and can also pick up multiple digit inputs. So far so good; but believe it or not mobile performance is affected by the weather. That's because when your hands are so numb from the cold that you can't even face taking them out of your pocket; you can imagine how many phone calls are simply ignored because cold weather; personal comfort and modern mobiles don't make an easy alliance! 

Unfortunately ordinary gloves while fantastic at keeping the cold out also render our fingers conductive properties unusable when it comes to operating our otherwise fantastic devices. With a simple yet elegant solution Touch Screen gloves not only fight off the cold but also make cold weather mobile use feasible. The gloves thickness is enough to fight off most reasonable snaps of cold weather and also come with the convenience of being in a one size fits all variety. A sensible cybercentric black colour is the only hue they come in; so convenience rather than fashion is clearly the aim. 

Close up of the magic
mesh that makes them work on any
mobile screen
The mobile friendly gloves will work with all mobile devices screens thanks to hidden filaments within the gloves fingertips. The three important considerations that make this capacitive screen friendly device a recommended mobile friendly product are they mobile friendly, you can use the gloves with any mobile device and not worry about damaging your screen, they're washable and warm!
And they'd also make a great mobile lovers funny stocking filler.

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