Friday 19 October 2012

Why you shouldn't buy a second hand iPod

Igaming is great until it all starts to go wrong. Unfortunately while an older iPhone or Ipod might seem like a an Ebay gaming bargain there are some inherent problems. 

Most new apps are compatible with all devices. The entire list is virtually endless but a good indicator is by going on to the Appstore, there in the left hand margin you'll find
which devices the App is compatible with . Generally being an iPad gamer I find that apps that have been specifically designed for the iPhone or iPod just scale up to the larger
resolution (in the bottom right of the app a small button marked 2x scales the app up).

One of the concerns for many gamers who have older iDevices is that the OS is no longer
supported by many apps. New apps tend to be designed with the latest OS in mind, so for example my iPod Touch 3rd gen is severely limited in the new apps and games that can be
played on it. This rampant updating of the Apple OS quickly makes older Apple devices redundant for gaming purposes. Just try playing Infinity Blade 2 on even a cracked iPad 1 and you'll see what I mean.

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