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Spellcraft School of Magic Guide

Powerful magic and monsters in Spellcraft
Guide to Spellcraft
Another iOS game that has made a name for itself elsewhere. Spellcraft School of magic is and addictive dungeon crawl in  search  of your lost teachers . The amount of magical recipes and ingredients you can find is phenomenal, as is the amount of creatures that you will use this magic to fight. In this guide we hope to give you all the info you need on plants, creatures and so on to make the most of your gametime.
Spellcraft Guide What do you unlock at the next level of Spellcraft?
Level 1 - Pukepod, Hex of Chaos, Vermin Bane (default wand)

Level 2 - Fertilizer, Super pukepod, Rat Eater Spell, Blue Robe, Blue Hat, Bronze Ring

Level 3 Unlocks - Bronze Garden pot, Water Lily, Spider Slayer Spell, Magenta Hat, Band of Speed, Bronze Bracelet

Level 4 Unlocks - Super Water Lily, Fireweed, Hex of the Magi Spell, Ignite Spell, Wrath Clouds, Bronze Necklace, Necklace of Haste

Level 5 Unlocks - 5 GEMS Super Fertilizer, Super Fireweed, Nightshade, Coldmold, Magenta Robe, Maroon Hat, Band of Haste, Scepter of Destiny

Level 6 Unlocks - Silver Pot, Super Nightshade, Super Coldmold, Boom Shroom, Sage, Magic Mistletoe, FREE GEMS, Hell's Snowball Spell, Fire Whip Spell, Dotty Robe, Dotty Hat, Silver Bracelet

Level 7 Unlocks - Super Boom Shroom, Super Sage, Lava Nut, Super Mistletoe, Eternal Pain Spell, Magic Sling Spell, Green Hat, Teal Hat, Chaos Hat, Silver Necklace

Level 8 Unlocks - Carnivora Majora, Super Lava Nut, Green Robe, Maroon Robe, Dark Robe, Orange Hat, Armored Hat, Earth Bracelet,Lucky Bracelet, Silver Ring, Evil's Scourge Wand

Level 9 Unlocks (incomplete list) - Call Sorceress Spell, Fire Plum

Level 10 Unlocks - Super Fire Plum, Sleep Spell, Summon Ogre Spell, Star Robe, Earth Hat, Fire Hat, Water Hat, Earth Necklace, Water Bracelt, Band of Gold, Gold Ring

Level 11 Unlocks - Peeweed, Zombie Slayer Spell, Hell's Geyser Spell, Chaos Robe, Armored Robe, Chaos Necklace, Fire Necklace, Water Necklace, Shield Bracelet, Band of Platinum, Chaos Heart Ring

Level 12 Unlocks - Platinum Garden Pot, Hands of Clay Spell, Magic Missile Spell, Water Robe, Disorder necklace, Platinum Necklace, Chaos Bracelet, Fire Ring, Water Ring, Platinum Ring, Doom Stick Wand

Level 13 Unlocks - Super Peeweed, Chaos Elemental Spell, Earth Robe, Fire Robe, Flame Robe, Fire Gem Necklace, Guardian Bracelet, Chaos Ring

Level 14 Unlocks - Lava Pit Spell and Deluge of Doom Spell

Level 15 Unlocks - Wolfsbane, Burnberry, Vengeful Spirit Spell, Chains of Death Spell, Summon Demon Spell

Level 16 Unlocks - Call Landshark Spell, Stone Spear Spell

Level 17 Unlocks - Super Wolfsbane, Super Burnberry

Level 18 Unlocks -

Level 19 Unlocks - Weeping spore, Attack of Spirit Spell, Water Elemental Spell

Additional Rewards:

Gold Necklace for finishing Dungeon 30

Storage floors (extra items): 6 (pot unlock, bronze pot, bronze necklace) 26, 37
Guide to Spellcraft Magic Use
Healing Spells
Healing Touch (2 mistletoe, 1 fireweed, 1 water lily) - light Healing, binds enemies

Rejuvenation (3 mistletoe, 2 coldmold) - strong healing, binds enemies

Spellcraft guide to spells
Spellcraft FireSpell in Action

Rat Eater (1 pukepod) - 12 light damage, instant kill against rats

Ignite (2 fireweed, 1 water lily) - 24 light damage

Fire Whip (1 boom shroom, 3 fireweed, 2 water lily) - 32 medium damage

Zombie Slayer (3 magic mistletoe, 3 fireweed, 2 coldmold) - 15 light damage, instant kill against zombies

Magic Missile (1 lava nut, 1 boom shroom, 3 fire weed) - 56 heavy damage, double strike

Lava Pit (3 Magic mistletoe, 2 lava nut, 1 peeweed) 36 medium damage, double strike


Hex of Magi (2 water lily, 1 pukepod) - 23 light damage

Magic Sling (2 boom shroom, 1 water lily, 3 pukepod) - 31 medium damage, double strike

Quicksand (2 sage, 2 magic mistletoe, 1 carnivora majora) - 55 light damage, binds enemies

Sleep (2 magic mistletoe, 1 fire plum, 2 water lily) - 60 medium damage, puts enemy to sleep

Summon Ogre (2 sage, 2 water lily) - 43 medium damage

Hands of Clay (3 sage, 2 water lily) - 36 medium damage, double strike

Hex of Thirds (3 nightshade, 3 coldmold, 3 pukepod) - 27 heavy damage, triple strike


Spider Slayer (1 water lily, 2 pukepod) - 16 light damage, instant kill against spiders

Wrath Clouds (1 magic mistletoe, 2 fireweed, 1 coldmold) - 40 light damage, binds enemies

Hell's Snowball (3 water lily, 1 coldmold) - 13 light damage, double strike

Hell's Geyser (3 sage, 3 carnivora majora, 2 pukepod) - 36 medium damage, double strike

Deluge of Doom (2 boom shroom, 2 fireweed, 2 nightshade) - 65 incredible damage


Hex of Chaos (1 pukepod) - 22 light damage

Eternal Pain (1 magic mistletoe, 2 nightshade, 3 water lily) - 50 light damage, binds enemies

Lightning Bolt (3 water lily, 3 pukepod) - 33 medium damage

Call Sorceress (3 nightshade, 3 water lily) - 40 medium damage

Chaos Elemental (3 sage, 1 lava nut) - 57 heavy damage

Vengeful Spirit (?) - 36 medium damage, double strike
How to get Free Rubies in SpellCraft School of magic
Unlock and upgrade your Spellcraft pots!
At certain levels you would get free pot unlockers... when finding certain teachers. Pots need to be unlocked and then upgraded: sequentially bronze, then silver and so on. With a more expensive pot comes the ability to increase your plant yield.

One teacher (a girl) would give you 5 rubies..

you could get 3 rubies a day if spamming ads to your friends every day...

You can try your  luck at loot machine... all or nothing. Good prizes to get are those free rubies and pot unlocks, fertiliser and pet food can also be quite useful

Apparently it's possible to get the   the coon hat and robe and in a way this would count as the loot machine jackpot since it is so rare.

Getting one ruby or the 5 rubies price, would help you collect the rubies you need.

Teachers would give you 3 silver pots, and one golden...

With only those 3 using double seeds you could harvest 20 plants, just buying 4 seeds...
Monsters in Spellcraft
One of the toughest Spellcraft Monsters?
What Creatures can you expect to fight...and how to beat them
Fire Bat : 86

Baby Fire Dragon : 105 (Dragon Slayer)

Fire Spider : 189 (Spider Slayer)

Fire Wyrm : 190

Fire Dragon : 346 (Dragon Slayer)


MagicShroom : 10

Rat : 19 (Rat Eater)

Bat : 22

Goblin : 30

Spider : 39 (Spider Slayer)

HealthShroom : 40

2 Mushrooms : 90

Gnome : 93

Cyclops : 94

Giant Bat : 95

Scorpion : 103

Baby Earth Dragon : 105 (Dragon Slayer)

Troll : 120

Wisp : 121

Half Giant : 123

Giant Troll : 160

Giant : 163

Orc : 166

Wyrm : 170

Giant Earth Spirit : 198

Minotaur : 231


Ice Rat : 19 (Rat Eater)

Ice Bat : 61

Ooze : 65

Fish Devil : 70

Ice Spider : 105 (Spider Slayer)

Iceatrice : 105

Baby Water Dragon : 105 (Dragon Slayer)

Land Shark : 115

3 Fish Devils : 123

Ice Scorpion : 123

Ice Cyclops : 172

Water Dragon : 174 (Dragon Slayer)

Ice Wyrm : 185

Giant Ooze : 193

Ice Zombie : 242 (Zombie slayer)

Ice Giant : 274

Giant Water Spirit : 301

Giant Eyeball : 376

Mesmerizing Eye : 412


Plague Rat : 38 (Rat Eater)

Zombie : 42 (Zombie Slayer)

Cockatrice: 48 (Weakness: Fire)

Door Trap : 50

Poison Darts : 60

Undead Rat : 72 (Rat Eater)

Ghost : 72

Mummy : 81

Skeleton : 86

Zombie Orc : 94 (Zombie slayer)

2 Mummies : 95

Skeleton Warrior : 95

Undead Soldier : 95 (Zombie Slayer)

2 Zombies : 98 (Zombie Slayer)

Vampire Rat : 104 (Rat Eater)

Baby Chaos Dragon : 105 (Dragon Slayer)

Giant Cockatrie : 106 (Weakness: Earth)

3 Mummies : 115

3 Zombies : 115 (Zombie Slayer)

Undead knight : 115 (Weakness: Fire)

Gargoyle : 115 (Weakness: Earth)

Crowd Of Zombies : 121 (Zombie Slayer)

Chaos Scorpion : 163 (Weakness: Water)

Witch : 169 (Weakness: Water, Fire)

Harpy : 171

Sorceress : 175

Pit Trap : 180

Werewolf : 181 (Weakness: Fire)

Chaos Elemental : 182 (Weakness: Water)

Leeche : 220 (Weakness: Fire)

Vampire : 221 (Weakness: Fire)

Giant Gargoyle : 237 (Weakness: Earth)

Dark Giant : 253 (Weakness: Fire)

Necromancer : 270 (Weakness: Fire)

Chaos Dragon : 371 (Weakness: Earth) (Dragon Slayer)
Ice Wisp
Chaos Hag weak against water



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