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Hints and tips in Shufflepuck Cantina

Shufflepuck Cantina Cheats And Tips
Guide to Shufflepuck Cantina
Wouldn't it be cool if you could play air hockey against aliens? You can in Shufflepuck Cantina, but you certainly wouldn't want to let our species down and be beaten so we've compiled this guide to getting aces every time, how to unlock different characters and other hints and tips to get you to be the greatest Shufflepuck player in the universe.
Getting started in Shufflepuck Cantina

This is Shufflepuck to the death, so no nancy boy practice modes here: you can duel, bet, or endure (“survival”) against each character—who you approach separately. Finding more about the story through biographies can lead to later rewards.... Which rewards exactly? read on to find out.

You also need to wait before you can play against all of the opponents. You begin stuck on just the entry-level, with three easy opponents to choose from. The second, third, and fourth levels each need to be unlocked with credits. 

Make Quick Money in Shufflepuck Cantina

Fight  Furry repeatedly and  use the betting mode is the simplest way to make money.

With a little practice he's extremely easy to beat with the required three-point lead, and the more you bet, the greater your reward for the time you've invested. This is a great way to build up some quick cash in the early stages of the game.
Serve an Ace Shufflepuck Cantina
Time to serve an Ace?

How do I serve an ace?

The best way to serve an ace is diagonally towards your opponent, but to make an angular shot you'll need to strike the puck using the very side edges of your mallet. Hitting the puck with anything but the last few pixels of the mallet's side will only push the puck straight forwards more often than not.

The trick to getting an ace in Shufflepuck Cantina lies in timing, mallet placement and the ferocity you strike the puck with. As your opponent moves their mallet in readiness for your opening shot, wait until it's half-way towards the side of the table, then serve as hard as possible with the very edge of the mallet.

This aggressive tactic is especially useful against Furry. If he's serving, or you didn't manage to serve an ace, keep batting it back to him hard anyway. He's cute but not very clever, and will eventually move his mallet to the wrong side of the table.

What are the different  gameplay modes?

You can select one of three different modes for each round of combat with an opponent: Duel, Bet, and Survival.

The standard mode is Duel, and you'll simply square off against your foe until one of you manages to score five points. You'll also receive a bonus to your cash reward if you can win with a clean sheet.

Bet mode is much more exciting and allows you to adjust the stakes. If you're feeling confident (and, yes, playing against Furry) load this up as much as possible. Just be aware that everything you put on the table is at risk, and certain opponents will happily take all of your money from you.

Survival mode is certainly tense but can be frustrating. While your cash rewards accumulate with each point scored, it's all over if you lose a single point.
Unlock characters in Shufflepuck Cantina
One of the many unlockable characters in Shufflepuck Cantina

How do I play as other characters and which are the best to play as?

Wouldn't it be exciting to play as a different character?Well you can! Unlock new characters(as well as their special abilities) by  purchasing all of their biography sections. Then complete the character specific quest and you'll then be able to play as that new character. 

It would be very hard and expensive to unlock all the characters so choose one as your target and learn his play style before taking them on.

Finding new opponents

Character Biographies Shufflepuck Cantina
Buy Character Biographies
Unlock the elevator floors using the in game money to take on new and varied opponents. You need to balance the idea of paying for character biographies (which will eventually unlock those characters for play) or paying for elevator floors to sample all the opponents. Multiplayer is also available: By tapping directly on the Shufflepuck table you can play a two player match against a real opponent.

Guide to Completing Missions

If you look on the top left hand of the screen you'll find the mission list,very useful for increasing your earnings and multiplying your score.
 If you're desperate to grind out cash, try working towards one of these challenges so you get a bonus reward for all of that hard work!

What each of the pucks do and which is the best puck
Generally the cheapest pucks, just like the cheapest mallets, only look good but don't really enhance your gameplay. Here are the premium pucks you should aim to buy and their various effects:

Gomu-Gomu Puck

Cost: 5,000 Credz
Effect: Increased speed after table contact.

Shock Absorber Puck

Cost: 5,000 Credz
Effect: Reduced speed after table contact.

Transparium Puck

Cost: 5,000 Credz
Effect: The puck blinks and becomes intermittently invisible.

Repulsor Puck

Cost: 10,000 Credz
Effect: The neon on the puck takes on the color of the territory it's crossing; it also allows for unpredictable rebounds off of the Holo-glass.

Providential Puck

Cost: 10,000 Credz
Effect: The player wins Credz every time it touches the table.

Character Pucks

To unlock the pucks that belong to particular characters, you're going to need to complete their biographies and quests before the option to purchase them (5,000 Credz each) becomes available.

Choosing the best Mallet

It's not just the pucks that have their own unique uses, you can pick up new mallets to enhance your gameplay. Watch out though it is very easy to waste money on mallets that just look good but don't give you any other benefit:

Wide Mallet

Cost: 10,000 Credz
Effect: Mallet a little bit wider, better chance of controlling the puck.

Extra Wide Mallet

Cost: 15,000 Credz
Effect: Mallet very wide, better chance of controlling the puck.

Triangular Mallet

Cost: 5,000 Credz
Effect: The player will have a hard time returning pucks in a straight line.

Cognitive Mallet

Cost: 10,000 Credz
Effect: A green and red diode indicates the highest directional probability of the next shot.

Providential Mallet

Cost: 10,000 Credz
Effect: The player earns Credz with each puck contact.
Best mallet to use Shufflepuck Cantina
Best Pucks and Mallets

Secrets and Cheats of Shufflepuck Cantina
Play as other characters
In order to unlock new characters and use their special abilities, you'll need to purchase all of their biography sections.

How to score an Ace in ShufflePuck Cantina
The trick to getting an ace in Shufflepuck Cantina lies in timing, mallet placement and how hard you hit the puck . As your opponent moves their mallet in readiness for your opening shot, wait until it's half-way towards the side of the table, then serve as hard as possible with the very edge of the mallet. A sure fire way to hit the puck and score an almost guaranteed ace is by double hitting the puck,tapping it sideways and then hitting it again-tricky to carry off but very rewarding. 

You CAN score an own goal. Keep this in mind before you move your paddle too far forward from your baseline.
Just like real air hockey speed and corner placement is crucial Straight, slow returns are easily fended off by your opponents Aim for swift corner shots to increase scoring chances.
Use deception to fool your enemy by ricocheting  a puck off of the wall slowly, then strike the sideways moving puck to confuse your opponent and score!

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