Monday 8 October 2012

What iPhone 5 means for Music Apps

Learn Guitar with iphone 5
Music creativity and the iPhone revolution seem to be going hand in hand with ever more creative ways to make music being dreamed up and created by the app studios. As a creative video game writer I've of course dabbled with the idea of learning an instrument over the years as yet another outlet for creativity. 
Naturally being the easiest instrument to learn the guitar was the first I attempted and enough said about that!
Still not all hope is lost as there are many alternative ways for a prospective music artist to dabble. And now of course with the iPhone 5's larger display being so much more finger friendly these musical apps should be a great gateway for those prospective talents and imagined musical talents.

Guitar Apps for Wannabee musicians

  • Guitar World's renowned app obviously has a great pedigree: Lick of the Day presents challenges to all levels.
  • With as many as half a million chords; Guitartoolkit even caters to basses, banjos, mandolins and even Southpaw guitarists.
  • Anybody who knows anything about guitars knows about Les Pauls and Gibsons, their addition to the guitarists app stable is the Gibson Learn and Master Guitar Application with advanced  jazz and blues techniques as a strong drawpoint.
  • Now if you're going to move into proper instrument playing territory you're going to want a good guitar reference app. For the iPhone 5 this guitar reference app comes in the form of Guitarist's Reference.
If you're going to want to move into proper instrument playing territory then look towards more traditional avenues such as buying your own guitar.


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