Monday 8 October 2012

Zuma + Cuteness equals Birds on a Wire

Bird on a Wire Review
Ever since the Myst inspired beauty of The Tiny Bang Story we've been waiting to see what Herocraft can come up with next. They've borrowed the mechanics of the traditional match three puzzler most typically embodied  in Zuma and thrown a lot of cuteness and a whole heap of levels into their newest iOS Match Three puzzler: Birds on a Wire
Zuma inspired " Birds on a Wire" Review
Firstly if you want to keep up with the latest match 3 puzzler on the Appstore and can't but help download every one of these that come your way then you'll be wanting to get Birds on a Wire. 
The title says it all really , you're going to get some great Zuma inspired puzzling with Herocraft's game. You're also going to get a lot of cuteness delivered in a typical Herocraft style. To borrow one of their derivative catch -phrases " These birds aren't angry!" No instead they're cute well drawn and need to be rescued from their mesmerised daze by slamming them into like coloured avians.
Things that set this game apart are the sheer variety of levels, with Birds on a Wire bringing you 50 levels, including many various styles of play that translate really well to the touchscreen: Adventure; Arcade ;Action and endless. These are unlockable and make playing through the main adventure mode well worthwhile, all the while trying to get the 29 achievements along the way.

If you're all Zuma'ed out you'll be looking elsewhere for the next big thing in the app puzzle world. if however some cuteness and a very playably slick game are your cup of tea then go to thne Appstore to download
Birds on a Wire

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