Saturday 17 November 2012

Golden Shorts Locations-Mikey Shorts

With all the hidden shorts and new mystery disguises making Mikey Shorts a hot item on the App Store we're going to keep on updating this article to tell you where to find the hidden Golden shorts in Mikey Shorts , particularly those difficult ones secreted away in dark nooks and crannys. Prepare to negotiate watery worlds, fiery infernos , mysterious disappearing platforms. my particular pet hate the bouncy platforms and many,many hidden corridors, all in a quest to find the most elusive item of clothing since The Emperor's New Clothes! Are you ready for the complete Mikey Shorts Guide to the Golden Shorts? So stand by for spoiler alert :

Mikey Shorts Golden Shorts locations
Level1-1: 57% through the level
Level 1-2: 62%
Level 1-3- 20% through ( look down!)
Level1-4: 79%
Mikey Shorts Hidden Shorts for level 2

Level 2-1: 17% up high!
Level 2-2: 47%, use the moving platforms to get to the top
Level 2-3: 31%-slide across the hidden ledge
Level 2-4: These shorts are at 85% and need to be traversed to by going up as high as you can and then jumping across the platforms back the way you came.

World 3-1: In this icy world you'll find them at 77% and will have to slide down a hidden corridor or two.
World 3-2: Get as high as you can at 27 % to obtain them
World 3-3: Jump up to get to the hidden corridor at 21%, what initially looks like a dead-end cliff face...isn't
World 3-4: Up and then back the way you came sees the shorts at 7% after following the hidden passage

Level 4-1: Don't let this ominous looking level bother you, just follow another of those hidden areas to find the golden shorts at 44%
Level 4-2: A level filled with tricky jumps, jump straight into the cliff fave at about 70% to find the Midas touch pants
Level 4-3: At 43% jump on the moving platform to get up and find the shorts hidden away to your left
Level4-4: 52% percent via the hidden passage, look for slight discolouration from the background to distinguish them, gets you one shot at the shorts if you don't mess up the jump via the disintegrating platform

Level 5-1: Gravity still seems to apply in this watery world,find your prize near the bottom at 45%
Level 5-2: 42% near the top of the world via the disintegrating platform
Level 5-3: Up we go to get them at 80%
Level 5-4: Nice and quick to find these at 8%

Golden Shorts level:6-1-> at 58%
6-2: 40%
6-3 at 71%
Location level:6-4-> at almost 100% head down and to the right

Oh and while we're at we'll throw in the list of achievements for your gaming pleasure!
List of Mikey Shorts Achievements

Bronze Touch - 5 pts
Touched 100 Statues
Silver Touch - 10 pts
Touched 500 Statues
Golden Touch - 20 pts
Touched 1000 Statues
Coin Finder - 5 pts
Collected 500 Total Coins
Coin Collector - 10 pts
Collected 2500 Total Coins
Coin Hunter - 20 pts
Collected 10000 Total Coins
Adventurer - 25 pts
Completed Sory Mode
Head Honcho - 5 pts
Bought a Head Disguise
The Eyes Have It - 5 pts
Bought an Eyes Disguise
Face On - 5 pts
Bought a Face Disguise
Intern of Disguise - 5 pts
Bought 10 Disguises
Manager of Disguise - 10 pts
Bought 25 Disguises
Captain of Disguise - 20 pts
Bought 50 Disguises
Master of Disguise - 30 pts
Bought 100 Disguises
Quick Change Artist - 5 pts
Randomized 50 times
Clock Beater - 10 pts
Scored 3 Stars on a Story Level
Speedy Shorts - 20 pts
Scored 3 Stars on a Challenge Level
Star Child - 10 pts
Earned 10 Total Stars
Star Scrounger - 20 pts
Earned 24 Total Stars
Star Hoarder - 30 pts
Earned 48 Total Stars
Star Gatherer - 40 pts
Earned 72 Total Stars
Star Earner - 50 pts
Earned 144 Total Stars
Star Wizard - 60 pts
Earned 216 Total Stars
Gate Breaker - 5 pts
Broke 50 Gates
Gate Smasher - 10 pts
Broke 100 Gates
Gater Crusher - 20 pts
Broke 500 Gates
Local Hero - 10 pts
Beat the top Local Score on a Story Level
Local Legend - 25 pts
Beat the top Local Score in Challenge Mode
Honorable Mention - 5 pts
Viewed the Credits
Company Friend - 5 pts
Tapped the Twitter or Facebook Button
Challenge Accepted - 10 pts
Completed 12 Challenge Levels
Challenge Surpassed - 20 pts
Completed 24 Challenge Levels
Challenge Dominated - 30 pts
Completed 36 Challenge Levels
Challenge Destroyed - 40 pts
Completed 48 Challenge Levels
Golden Secret - 50 pts
Collected all 24 Golden Shorts
No Coin Left Behind - 25 pts
Collected all the coins in each Story Level


  1. Can't get to mikey's shorts on 3.2. Tried jumping as high as I could at 27. Still stuck. A little more help please.

  2. Im stuck at 2-3

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